First, LeBron James decided to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Miami Heat. Then, San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan opting to stay one more year. And then a San Antonio billboard did some shady sh-t and declared Duncan’s loyalty to his team was better than LeBron James’ royalty to the game of basketball.

The sign shows up once a minute in San Antonio on the U.S. Route 281 above Monarch Trophy.




8 thoughts on “San Antonio Billboard Takes More Shots At LeBron James [PHOTO]

  1. Its the truth. Lebron leaving is Shady. Hes bitter. Tim has been with the Spurs since 1997 and has won 5 Championships of of the 17 yrs hes been with the Spurs. Lebronn needs to put his man pants on!

  2. Yes please clarify how it’s shady? Duncan is following in Robinson’s footsteps and staying the course not hopping from team to team looking for championship rings. Educate yourself on the foundation of the Spurs Organization and the humbleness of Duncan himself and then rewrite your article. The only thing shady is a biased writer who instead of reporting on a neutral turf shows his “colors” in a ridiculous article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Victor on said:

      when you use words like “probably” all you’re doing is speculating. grow up and learn how to have a mature discussion.

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