“It’s a failure in the FIFA system to get as far as he did,” Fare executive director Piara Powar told The Associated Press. “Generally in big tournaments of this kind there are security officers. They are scouring the crowd and they can advise stewards and police.”

On Instagram, a fan at Saturday’s game called out racial ignorance while posting a photo of two men posing for photos wearing blackface makeup and T-shirts reading, “Ghana.”

Whether they were Germany’s fans or misguided Ghana Black Stars fans was unclear, but there are several other published photos of soccer fans in the colors of Germany wearing Afro wigs and blackface.

“So far I’ve counted 8 Germans in blackface. Worst, people are lining up to take pictures with them. Poor form, #Germany,” Selma-Slim, the Instagram user who attended the game, posted.

“Germans, Belgian and French fans have been seen in racist Blackface masquerade during matches in #Brazil2014. How much more does it take for someone to take action?” Fare demanded to know on its Facebook page.

Here’s what Time Magazine said about the racism: “Germany’s recent record on blackface isn’t good. Die Tageszeitung, a left-leaning newspaper known for its progressiveness and work on inequality, referred to the White House as “Uncle Barack’s Cabin” in 2008.

Editors defended the cover, saying it was satirical. In 2011, Martin Sonneborn, a print satirist, comedian and current member of European Parliament lathered himself in blackface in order to compare himself to Obama. The New York Daily News reported that Fare accuses stadium security of not doing enough to prevent a neo-Nazi sympathizer from storming the field during the second half of the Germany /Ghana match.

On the shirtless man’s chest and back, messages written included “HH,” signifying Heil Hitler, and “SS,” referring to the Nazi paramilitary unit.

“We do not respect any discriminatory messages,” FIFA spokesperson Delia Fischer said. “We always take any evidence or submissions to our disciplinary committee. It is the disciplinary committee that will meet.”

“If they see any grounds they will open proceedings,” he said. “Then it is up to the disciplinary commission to take the decision. FIFA holds national football federations responsible for their fans’ behavior inside stadiums.”

If Fischer is right, the German fans in blackface should not have been allowed into the arena. It also means that security guards gave the fans a pass, and consequently, sanctioned their racist behavior.

For some Germans at the World Cup, it’s not a good look.

Photo: Instagram/SelmaSlim

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13 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: German Bigots Tarnish Country’s Image in World Cup

  1. dangerous BlkMan on said:

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    With that out I now know what I am going to be for Halloween this year. I am going to go in white face and profile all the black children accusing them of stealing candy from peoples homes. That or I am going to go as a KKK member running for president on the Republikkkan ticken.

  2. Ive lived abroad and in some places its far more racist than america.they have no support groups to help them there, so many minority I left to go into hiding.only go out when necessary, cause there treated so badly,.

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  4. ugoji o.a on said:

    Thomas Hobbes said that”man is selfish,man is wicked;he is always vaing against one another”Racism springs from selfishness,wickedness and ignorance. Since there will always be ignorant people,there will always be racist.It IS appropriate to resist racism.One of the lines of resistance is through self improvement.The Aryans can no longer feel superior to the contemporary Chinese as they used to do to their previous generation. Unless we blacks buckle_up,as the Chinese have done,the ignorance and wickedness of the Aryans will continue to find expression in the denigration of the black race

  5. Honestly on said:

    What do you expect from cave n!@@ers?? They should have never been let out the caves of Europe. These neanderthal apes are monsters, freaks and savages.

  6. Aaron on said:

    The biggest mistake we ever made was selling the lie of equality and a post racial world to our children. We have indulged in every filthy thing pop culture has to offer, spent billions of dollars trying to buy acceptance and friendship, allowed television to mold our children and what do we have to show for it? Nothing but a lost and confused generation. We should have listened to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan and built a new reality for ourselves and stop expecting our enemy to change. We must overcome our childish bickering and really sit down and map out a future for ourselves. Begging others to accept us and assimilation obviously does not work.

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