Twitter exploded today with images of two very different baby sling packages, both manufactured by Baby K’Tan.

In one image, a Black mother is featured with her baby in the sling; in the other, a White woman is featured with her baby in the sling as well.

The difference?

The White woman has a smiling White man behind her to complete the family portrait.

The backlash was instantaneous, with Twitter users claiming that Baby K’Tan was trafficking in racist stereotypes about the Black family, particularly Black women.

Baby K’Tan quickly responded to what it characterizes as a “misrepresentation”:

It has come to our attention that there is a misleading photo circulating around the internet. Our company takes these matters very seriously and wishes to address them without any further delay.

The photo in question shows two Baby K’tan Baby Carriers on the shelf at an unidentified retailer. One Baby K’tan product features an African American woman holding her baby, and the other Baby K’tan product features a Caucasian couple with their baby. This portrayal has left many of our loyal patrons concerned that this is an unfair representation of African American families. Furthermore, the box bearing the African American woman was inaccurately priced lower than the box with the Caucasian couple. Let’s address these pressing matters head on:

1) We have a total of 5 different products, each featuring a different image on the front of the packaging. One box has the Caucasian couple on the front, and the other four boxes have individual mothers with their babies on the front (including African American and Caucasian women).

2) The Baby K’tan product featuring the African American woman is from our organic line which should actually be priced higher than the other product displayed.

3) The couple considered to be Caucasian is actually in fact an international couple, featuring a Caucasian mom and a Hispanic dad.

Our company was built and has prospered because of our focus on diversity and inclusion. We wholeheartedly reject any false, unfounded and baseless claims of discrimination as depicted in the above misrepresentation. We here at Baby K’tan fully support exposing any unfair and inaccurate stereotypes, racism and/or discrimination wherever it may exist.

We plan to continue including diverse parents, both individually and as couples, throughout our images. In fact, we are proud to have such wholesome and loving caregivers as the faces of our company.


Even with that in-depth explanation, some people still called foul:

But the company is not without its supporters:

What do you think, NewsOne Fam? Is this a case of misrepresentation or clear racist stereotyping? Is there an appropriate way to market to single, Black mothers?

Weigh in!

Also On Black America Web:

22 thoughts on “‘Racist’ Baby K’Tan Sling Package Sparks Outrage On Social Media

  1. Ann marie on said:

    I have seen this many times and this is the pattern of advertising the black family.It is so wrong but the industries continue please leave the product.

  2. Carlos on said:

    They should change their packaging and show an AA couple, this will make everything right, and then all AA children will have a Dad in their homes. What happens to all AA families is this company’s fault.
    Come on people!! get a life!!!

  3. Lol I didn’t notice the difference at first…that is wrong. Look if black people don’t like it I say make your own..simple as that. There’s plenty rich black people out there..Stop complaining about the same ole’ stuff!

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    But…. it is true. The statistics on black children born out of wedlock are very high. Don’t like it? Produce your own product.

  5. That was stupid on the company’s behalf, they shouldn’t care about the African American family statistic. They should be trying to sell a lot of baby slings, now they are losing sells..Good!

  6. kay M on said:

    They should have made the packaging the same regardless of statistics. However, if you research statistics for every race, African Americans have the highest numbers of children being born out of wedlock and I belong to this race. The facts are the facts. Plain and simple!

  7. Racist baby K’tan sling is way over priced. Women of any color; do like The African women. They take a huge piece of material, scarf, or blanket and tie their baby securely to their back. If you prefer the front, so be it. You do not have to spent your money at companys that do not respect you. A woman tied her baby to her back ( he went to sleep ) while she braided hair.

  8. Ptired on said:

    The ad is racist. However, African Americans ought to do more to erase these negative stereotype’s by not living up to the images presented. Having multiple children that you cannot afford, having babies as teen moms, not raising the children you produce so that they end up preying on other AA’s and populating jails and prisons. That’s on us.

  9. Racism and ignorance is sad. Ignorance from black people who support this is even more sad. No other race should be creating or supporting the stereotypes/statistics that take place within our community.

  10. pamela j on said:

    I am sure 80 % of whites have babies out of wedlock it’s not reported . Most of the white women that I know is not married and having babies . There men do not pay child support that is why they are so miserable and go after the back men looking for something better White women hate to see a happy black couple !

  11. hottlanta on said:

    So all white kids have a mom and dad at home. Yes they do because mommy and daddy has been married 3,4,5,6 times and looking for another one. What is the consequence of that. Let’s see Donald Trump, left Ivanka, Kelsey Grammer left his 3rd wife and wanted to marry the 4th wife before the ink was dry on the divorce papers but yet white folks are the stable ones in a relationship.

  12. Linda on said:

    Eighty percent of African-American Dads are MIA–due to being in jail, denial of paternity, etc.,this company-K’Tan was simply displaying the truth in our community!!!!

  13. 70 % black babies born out of wedlock “baby mama” baby daddy” terms embraced in
    black music and movies, this is a consequence of it

      • Your name should be “Lonely Thoughts” because you have no concept of what per capita is. What % of whites have babies out of wedlock. Blacks are at an astounding 70%. 7 out of 10 hood rats. That shyt is cra-cra.

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