Now that “Orange Is The New Black” is between seasons, Uzo Aduba wants to spend a little time in Shondaland for “Scandal”!

Could you imagine seeing Crazy Eyes mixing it up with Olivia Pope & Associates? The “OITNB” star told E! News at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards that she dreams of having a hand in some classic moments from “Scandal.”

“I would love be across from Olivia Pope just once saying, ‘Handle it,’” Uzo said when asked which show would like to be on for a guest appearance. “I would love Cyrus to give me some sort of press conference speech”

She’s also open to getting a lick from Huck, but that could be a very messy scene considering the fact that he’s usually torturing someone when it happens.

Laverne Cox wouldn’t mind popping up on “Scandal,” either. When asked which show she’d like visit, it took her literally no seconds to name Shonda Rhimes’ hit drama. She could have a great story line being part of huge situation that needs to be covered up!

Their fellow inmate Tastyee has a different idea about her off-season escapades. “I really enjoy ‘Shameless,’” said Danielle Brooks, who could also see herself running for The White House on “Veep.”

Which show would “Scandal” first lady Bellamy Young like to make a quick appearance on, though? “Golly, I think it would be fun to be on “Mad Men” for a minute. Now it’s going to be over-the series is going to be over” said Bellamy, who plays Mellie Grant on “Scandal.” She loves the sexy, vintage vibe of the show with all of “the outfits, the refreshments, [and] the under currents.”


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3 thoughts on “Uzo Aduba Wants To Join ‘Scandal’ & We’re Like Make It Happen

  1. @Aaron …TV is entertainment and the show means work for those black people to whom you refer. Now I am awake and I say where do I sign the petition to have Uzo Aduba on Scandal?

    We want Uzo on Scabdal!!!

  2. Aaron on said:

    You would think that after Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha Mcbride and the whole Donald Sterling thing Black people would have enough pride not to promote nor watch a show with a disgusting premise like Scandal. What more do we need before we wake up?

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