While it doesn’t come as a complete shock, we’ve learned G.O.O.D’s music’s first lady, Teyana Taylor, also auditioned for the coveted role of ‘Aaliyah’, the Lifetime biopic.

In a three part series, footage of Taylor singing, acting and dancing were released on Instagram by her friend Tyrone Bee.

Tyrone captions the 15 second clips with his opinion on casting Zendaya in the lead role and even believes that had Taylor hadn’t backed out of the audition, she would’ve landed the role.

unfortunately @teyanataylor heard that Aaliyah’s family isn’t involved & she no longer wanted to be apart of the film.

If you remember, Aaliyah’s family is vowing to stop Lifetime from releasing the project and using any of her music, so we understand why Teyana would want to respect their wishes.

Tyrone also dishes on Teyana’s ability to sing, dance and act.

I know teyana is gona be mad at me for posting her audition clips but i honestly feel no one deserves this role more then her . She embraces Aaliyah dancing , acting and singing.

Take a look at the videos below and you tell us, could you see Teyana as Aaliyah? Why or why not?

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(Video Source: Instagram)

4 thoughts on “Teyana Taylor Auditions For ‘Aaliyah’ [WATCH]

  1. Barb on said:

    I wished this young lady hadn’t backed out! People say what they want, Zenedana is white/Mixed Race. Not Black! Aaliyah was black!

    • jante on said:

      i don’t think it should be all about race. It should be about who could get the essence of Aaliyah the best. no one is going to be Aaliyah because she was one in a million. We have no idea what zendaya’s audition was like so don’t write her off so quickly. When they were casting for Selena the chose Jennifer Lopez and she is Puerto Rican and Selena was Mexican. But no one could have done it better.

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