Robin Thicke wasn’t kidding when he said his new CD would be named Paula, in honor of his estranged wife, Paula Patton. He’s been publicly expressing that he is doing whatever he can to get her back and in this case, it’s apparently writing a whole album about her and naming it after her.

Even though he is a musician, we can say that’s still pretty impressive.

Robin’s not the first to do it – Eric Benet’s Hurricane (2005) is widely believed to be about his relationship with ex-wife Halle Berry.

When Marvin Gaye was order to turn over half the proceeds of his next album in a divorce settlement with ex-wife Anna Gordy Gaye, he created Here, My Dear, released in 1978. While the album was initially considered a critical and commercial failure, in later years, it was viewed as one of Gaye’s classic recordings.

Check out Robin’s Paula album cover and tracklisting on the flip.

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