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Are fans growing tired of Jay Z and Beyoncé? If ticket sales for their “On the Run” joint tour are any indication, this could be the case.

According to RadarOnline, the outing is not a must see for Jay and Bey supporters as Ticketmaster reveals less that ticket sales are not what they should be. An industry insider tells the site that drama in the power couple’s personal lives is having a negative affect on their tour, in addition to a lack of airplay on the radio.

RadarOnline referenced the leading ticket sales distributor, which stated that tens of thousands of tickets are still available for the “On the Run” concert in Miami on July 25, as well as Atlanta on July 15 and New Jersey on July 12.

“Beyonce’s album had a big first month with ‘Drunk in Love’, but the last several singles have tanked on the charts,” the insider told Radar. “If you’re launching a stadium tour, you have to have airplay, and she’s had no hits lately on the radio.”

The struggles of the “On the Run” tour come months after Jay Z and Beyoncé announced the joint trek in April. Anticipation for the tour was soon overshadowed after a leaked video surfaced of Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, punching and kicking Jay Z in an elevator at The Standard hotel while Beyoncé looked on.

“It’s overload. The public has been left with a sour taste in their mouth because of the elevator fight and all the information that leaked about Jay and B’s relationship afterward,” the source said.

Another source offered a more obvious take on Jay and Beyonce’s relationship by previously telling Radar, “To the public, Beyoncé and Jay Z appear to have it all. But behind close doors, they’re not as happy as people think they are,”

Jay Z and Beyonce’s “On the Run” is scheduled for 17 stadium dates in the US and Canada.

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15 thoughts on “Jay Z and Beyonce’s ‘On the Run’ Tour Facing Poor Ticket Sales

  1. Bridget on said:

    If they both go away for a while we might miss them. We saw B in Houston summer 2013 and again in December, and she’s coming back next month…too much! Take a vacay!

  2. October on said:

    They sold out in Baltimore. To see her and him do what? I guess broke pepole have nothing more to do but spend their hard earned money on performers. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  3. They don’t want to accept that the public is sick and tired of them both, especially beyonce. They’re over exposed and not as great as they think they are. I think if they went away they would definitely not be missed. Enough is enough.

  4. Tina B. on said:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with whether or not people are feeling their music or the elevator drama. The reality is the tickets are TOO DAMN HIGH!!! People are not willing to forego their mortgages or car payments to go see Jay and Bey! I think they had a little too much of the “big head” when they set those ticket prices!!!! They must have been drunk in love if they thought that regular folks were going to pay that much! Sad part is, they can afford to cut the prices.

  5. Bottom line is ticket prices are TOO HIGH!! Don’t know if it’s true; but I heard Chicago tics are $300 to $1,500

  6. Tanisha on said:

    I thought the real issue was the price of the tickets being to high and not what supposedly happened on that elevator. Does anybody really care what happened on the elevator? I saw Jay Z in concert at the Hard Knock Life tour and he was horrible live. I wouldn’t pay another dime to see him let alone $800.

  7. 99% of the drivel put out by performers these days wouldn’t sell if not accompanied by a video. This is especially true for Bouncy. Drunk In Love did well because of the video. They could have looped it 24/7 on the radio, but without the accompanying ass clapping and thigh gapping, it wouldn’t have sold well. I mean let’s face it. She ain’t no J Hud or Adele. Why would anyone spend large amounts of money to see these two is way beyond me. Well, not really. But why not just go rent a porn movie and be done with it? It’d be cheaper.

    • Michele on said:

      I completely agree! Who wants to pay that much money knowing that they can afford to lower those ticket prices! If Prince can put on a 21 day concert tour where tickets started at $25, then what is their problem??!! I refuse to pay that much to see myself, let alone Bey and Jay!!

      • straightnochaser on said:

        Not to mention that Prince has a VERY impressive catalogue of music that goes back over thirty years. I’ve seen him perform live several times, and he is the ultimate performer, plus his ticket prices were affordable.


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