Get ready. The fourth season of the WEtv reality show Braxton Family Values is headed back to your TV screen in August.

And to get you ready for the hit reality TV series, WEtv has released what many are describing as a “shocking” trailer for the series.

“BFV” viewers know it’s no secret that the Braxton sisters don’t always get along, but as they attempt to come together to record a gospel album, it seems that things are more complicated than ever between them and tensions are on the rise.

Trust us, this is NO hype. The trailer may only be 30 seconds, but it’s d-r-a-m-a fo’ days!

In the clip below, you’ll see Towanda Braxton breaking glasses on a table at dinner during an explosive outburst, while another sister reveals that she’s done with the show – for good. Traci Braxton is also seen telling someone that she plans to press charges!

Good grief! All that in 30 seconds?! This is going to one hella explosive season.

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9 thoughts on “Braxton Family Drama Showcased In Explosive Season 4 Trailer

  1. Leroy Thompson on said:

    I totally agree with all the comments listed. Toni is my girl and the only truly talented one in the bunch.

  2. hottlanta on said:

    Toni mom was wrong to tell Toni to be responsible for her sisters when she was on her way to success. She should have told those girls to find their own path. Everyone can’t sang!!!!!

  3. JusTied on said:

    Absolutely worthless! Toni Braxton is evidently trying to help her family. Everything is motivated by greed. I could not do it – not even for the money! We need shows that speak life. I am also very tired of seeing our sisters with mounds of fake hair. Great when the summer comes and ladies start wearing the cute short cuts. Long hair is not glamorous on everybody. We need some ladies of color who are strong and uniquely individual and not afraid to embrace their ethnicity – and remain sexy and classy.

  4. redbone1954 on said:

    Is that Tamar saying she is through? Who cares i agree that maybe their 15 minutes of fame is over goodbye! They get on my nerves want to get on Tv and then get mad because you want to show all your dirt and people judge you well you wanted the money so why are you complaining now good grief get off tv and get a life

  5. uponyou! on said:

    Who in the hell would sit and watch this shit! Tony Braxston is my girl, but those other ones, GO GET A DAM JOB! You not talking about nothing that would strenghten this society!

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