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Actress Sanaa Lathan got quite the shocker when contractors discovered her stalker asleep in her laundry room.

28 year-old Shawn Caples has convinced himself that he and Lathan are married.

He was escorted off the property but later reappeared insisting he was her husband while she called the police.

If you think that was enough to keep him away, guess again.

Three days later he showed back up to her house.

According to TMZ, Caples must stay 100 yards away from Lathan once released from jail.

Crazy is a understatement.

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3 thoughts on “Sanaa Lathan Comes Home To Find Stalker Sleeping In Laundry Room

  1. Ok he was escorted off the property the first time, then shows up, AGAIN, and is found hiding in her laundry room? And is only given a restraining order? He could have seriously harmed her. People like that could care less about a restraining order. So if he shows up again does she have free reign to shoot his arse?

  2. msyellarose on said:

    Whoa, restraining order definitely needed here! He might need to be locked away in a hospital until he joins us in the real world.

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