O.J. Simpson 20 years later.

Do you remember where you were for that infamous bronco chase?

150 million people watched it on television.

To add perspective, the entire population of the United States then was 266-million.

At the time your reaction to that verdict, more than likely, depended on the color of your skin.

For the most part blacks cheered and whites were devastated.

In my newsroom in New York City, blacks cheered, many whites cried.

A CNN poll back then in 1994 showed that 68 percent of whites thought the murder charges against O.J. Simpson were true; only 24 percent of blacks did.

It was truly a country divided along racial lines.

But fast forward 20 years to the present and you’ll find that African Americans have shifted their view when it comes to Simpson’s guilt.

Remember it was just 24 percent who thought he was guilty then, now 53 percent believes he is guilty.

While the evidence shows that blacks and whites, 54 and 67 percent respectively, believes race relations are progressing in the right direction, there’s plenty of evidence that shows we still have a long way to go.

What changed?

According to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin time brings about calmer and cooler heads who have analyzed the evidence with less bias.

Yale Galanter, O.J.’s former attorney says we’ve seen a lot of missteps by O.J. since the verdict, like his ill-conceived book titled, “if I did it,” and other run-ins with the law including the theft of his own football memorabilia which he is serving time for now.

In other words, we have come to see that O.J. was not the role model or saint many wanted him to be.

Similarly, it is the case with the George Zimmerman.

Since his not guilty verdict Zimmerman’s run-ins with the law and ill-timed photo at a gun factory has made some reconsider his innocence.

This O.J. anniversary is a good flash point to help us gauge just how far we’ve come in this country when it comes to race, bias and perception.

While the evidence shows that blacks and whites, 54 and 67 percent respectively, believe race relations are progressing in the right direction, there’s plenty of evidence that shows we still have a long way to go.

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12 thoughts on “20 Years Later, Don Lemon Says Most African Americans Now Believe OJ Got Away With Murder

  1. Amonre on said:

    Don I’ll just say that if look at the evidense in the case they the prosecution did not prove there case. Those of that live thru that time know better. You see the injustice continue they striped him of all his wealth they try to take his diginity away….I am also dissapionted Tom J, and the Tom joyer show for its disrepect to the Black community in the way it displayed the show …what .we need is a conversation with media and the white community about how it the case was handled….

  2. Don Lemon I Officially Disapprove of You both as a person and a Journalist! Your insidious comments are discouraging at the very Least! We supported the idea that a Black Man accused of a crime was finally going to have a fair chance at Justice in the Racist White Man’s System! That was what we cared about! Finally it would represent JUSTICE FOR US ALL! Do you get it you Token CNN Coon……………

  3. tewdeeq on said:

    White folks mad because the justice system that they set up to hurt destroy Black actually backfired on them instead. Fix up the law enforcement /justice system el stupidos! so that it is fair for everyone. But as long as it despite the few f/ups it remains in their favor, they will do nothing about it except complain.

    • Well now, it seems that the justice system wasn’t needed after all. Just as black folks are doing a better job than clan ever could of exterminating other blacks, OJ did a better job of getting himself locked up than the justice system ever could have. At some point, we have got to stop blaming everyone else for our dumbassness.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    I totally agree. Don Lemons needs to stuff this one. A six month old baby in Georga has their face almost blown off this week by a bunch of arrogant, no account policemen who used a no knock warrant to throw a pipe bomb into this babs crib. It’s horrifying. Now, that is the stuff Lemon should be covering.

  5. seriously on said:

    Give it a rest Don please…Why it is so important that blacks folks believe OJ is guilty or not? Where is all the commentary on KKK and its unsolved crimes and the white people and law enforcement that continually cover it up…That was the first move in the Zimmerman trial. Black people do not care about OJ one way or another then or now…The issue for blacks was he was being set-up like the many of blacks in our criminal system…How come you never do a commentary of that? Are we suppose to have believed Furman a supremacist would not lie on a black person? He was tried and convicted of perjury? So let’s not pretend black supported OJ because he was black or that we even cares if that loser lives or dies..But we do care about blacks being convicted and even sentenced to death for crimes they did not admit…Now it that is not an reality if it is, until you comment on that….give it a rest Don…Just like the tea party agrees that’s is okay to stone gays for being gay? Whether I have an opinion or not. on homosexuality…I standing against those people and their agenda and their history of violence…Could actually save your life Don…Whether I agree with your lifestyle or not…Just saying.

  6. hottlanta on said:

    Why are we talking about an anniversary where a white trashy woman was murdered. She was also seeing OJ when he was married. That white woman has contributed NOTHING to society and if she was black, white folks wouldn’t care and yet they accuse black folks of playing the race card. That is what we need to talk about. Don Lemon and other black fake journalist don’t want to address it. They afraid they would lose their jobs if they did.

    • seriously on said:

      Exactly! We definitely have to many coons in our race. If Don wanted to write something revelant..Why not questions white folks on all those unsolved deaths of our civil rights leaders or why the law enforcement covers it up. They just have black folks like Don around to make sure Black folks are conforming to their agenda for us…Agree with us at all time.. And don’t mention what we are doing…How come Don cannot do a commentary on black people being set up by the legal system and isn’t anyone tried for that, some on these men were sitting on death row and did not do it…I call that attempted murder. But that is what coons have done, throw other black folks under the bus for a bigger bowl of grits.

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