26 thoughts on “Happy 13th Birthday! Sasha Obama’s Style Evolution

  1. Fa Q on said:

    This entire website is racist, along with the majority of people who post here. Black America Web? You must be joking. Way to harbor racism.
    And God forbid someone says something negative about Obama. Someone could provide the most legitimate criticism and some of you would label that person a “racist” or a “hater” because you are THAT ignorant.
    How many of you cared about politics prior to Obama? Let me give you a truth: Voting FOR someone because of their skin color is just as racist as not voting for someone because of their skin color. You cannot argue with this FACT. To say otherwise is 100% hypocritical.
    Have a nice day and keep up the brainwashing.

  2. All of these years America has had white Presidents, everyone thought it was ok to talk about the beautiful children and what they were wearing. Now that it is a black family, ignorant bigots what to make nasty comments about spoiled children and comparing them to apes and monkeys…. What a sad bunch of people. By the way, I would love to see what they look like as they hid their pitiful faces while they put other people down for their heritage.

    • Fa Q on said:

      This entire website is racist, along with the majority of people who post here. Black America Web? You must be joking. People don’t simply want equal treatment, they want privileges. They harbor racism by perpetuating this division amongst people. Do you realize your “leaders” and “activists” do what they do for self-profit? When was the last time they actually helped you?

      I also know you’re racist because the entire comment you left is false. People certainly negatively of the children of past presidents. Look at Bill and Hillary’s daughter. I guess you’re too blinded by your own racist bullsh*t.

  3. Suzette Burton on said:

    Beautiful, loving, American first family. All the best to all of you. God’s continued blessings and guidance. Love conquers all.

    • charlie on said:

      How would you know if they are spoiled? We haven’t seen any evidence of these girls acting out? Give the kids a rest. If you don’t like the parents, fine – neither do I but leave the children alone. Good grief.

  4. Jerome washington on said:

    what a bunch of bullshit-the parents should be hung for treason n murder
    bad enough the MRS. is really a HE/SHE
    the MR. smokes crack and has gay sex with white men.
    he is a muslim brotherhood
    rwemember muslims still have black slaves all over the world

  5. I could care less about these incompetents. It’s bad enough that OBUMMER has ruined the economy but now you want us to celebrate one of the kids birthdays? Hope they don’t let the door hit them in the a$$.

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