According to Huffington Post, a Maryland father hit a local teacher with a baseball bat for sending inappropriate texts to his daughter.

Police say that the dad saw a series of texts on Thursday between the 42-year-old teacher and his daughter, a 15-year-old student. The situation took a downturn later that day when the unidentified teacher showed up at the girl’s house.

He wanted to speak to the girl’s father, but was told to leave. When he refused, the dad reportedly hit him with a baseball bat. The teacher sustained minor injuries.

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2 thoughts on “Parent Hits Teacher With Baseball Bat?!?! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    The charges for the father should be dropped. The one who hired this man to teach at this school should be fired and charged instead.

  2. I said it. on said:

    That’s what happens when you mess with underage children and the parent cares. I’m assuming the child is underage. He/ she could be 20 and in SPED. The teacher will be alright and should have expected it. I wonder what the dad said to the child?

    I’ve known of Hispanic parents who were happy to marry their daughters off to administrators and teachers alike once the child marched across the stage and before. It was a come up for the family.

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