LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge has approved a settlement between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend over child support payments for their 6-year-old daughter.

The agreement approved by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on May 30 calls for Berry to pay ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month or nearly $200,000 a year to support their daughter. The Oscar-winning actress will also pay for their daughter’s tuition, but the former couple will split health care expenses.

The order also calls for Berry to pay her ex-boyfriend a retroactive payment of $115,000 and $300,000 to his attorneys to cover the costs of their custody dispute.

Berry and Aubry, a model, were involved in a custody dispute in 2012, and a judge blocked her from moving their daughter to France.

Gordon’s order only affects child support payments.

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14 thoughts on “Halle Berry Reaches Settlement on Child Support; Ordered to Pay 16k a Month

  1. Frost on said:

    Times have changed! Things don’t always go to the women these days. Custody, child support, etc. Be real now…as said earlier, where are all of the complaints when women get all of that money for child care? Why question it now when a man gets it? And Halle, if you want another kid, holla at a brotha.

  2. Timekeeeper on said:

    I hear all of these women on this post complaining aboutgold digging men, even calling him feminine. Which if you were honest with yourself, you are rally trying to call him that gay slur without using the word. If the script were flipped most of you wold be saing things like ” you go girl” take his money” he deserves what he gets”, etc, etc. You all would have your hands on your hips, rolling your necks around, and snapping your fingers. Bot now becuase the shoe is on the other foot you feel the need to dog this man out. That is the biggest form of Hypocrisy there is. Even a few fake brothers are calling him out of his name as well. I see you sticking your chest out with all of that false bravado. Ha, ha. Aubry is doing what he needs to do in order to maintain a lifestyle he has had with Halle . In fact, that is the definition used in palimony cases. Time after time we see men having to pay 2,3, 4 even 10X as much as Halle is beng asked. And no one ever says “how much does it cost to raise a child? Even when we know HE ( most men) get taken to the cleaners. Maybe seeing this will show some people how it feels on the other side. Perhaps Judges wont be so quick to clean men out when they know it is worng to do so. But I doubt it. From the words of these posts, most are onse sided. I will say one good thing though. It is usually the brothers that get thrown under the bus. It is nice for a change it isnt. But even so, if this man has child priviliges dont you think, at the very least, Halle would want her child to be in an envrionment that will be comfortable and safe according to her standards. Think abiut that. Anyway, the next time a man is aksed to pay some woman a million dollars for a child ( cause its gonna happen) maybe some of you will take that high powered critical lenses of yours and say that shouldnt be either. He is just as much a man as those criticizing him on this post, whether you like, agree with him or not.

  3. RENO2AC on said:

    I beg to differ. I stayed with my father for summers and holidays, and he would have ate shyt with the chickens before he would have asked my mother to pay child support. When I was growing up, men were always the providers. I guess times really have changed. Halle’s “baby daddy” was asking for money before they ever had a child custody agreement in place. It was not as though they were married. I have only one question: How much child support does HE pay when the child is with her mother?

  4. Linda on said:

    What’s with Halle and all of these GOLD DIGGING MEN?

    She needs to make more intelligent choices regarding the men she chooses to date, etc. It is becoming rather costly for her….

    Didn’t she have to pay Eric Benet off also???????

  5. kay M on said:

    WELL WELL WELL! She wanted a baby so bad and decided to use him as the donor. She’s too old and should be smarter. And BTW, women have been doing this for years. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

    • I said it: Times have changed. It has nothing to do with a male being feminine; but more to do with his living arrangements. It has to do with who has the most money. Halle makes millions, and her Ex probably doesn’t. The bigger issue is that Halle wants to make sure that her daughter is well taken care of, and secure when having visitations with the father.

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