Is Tamron Hall dating Prince? That’s the rumor, but apparently the only thing that Prince and Tamron collaborated on was the theme for Tamron’s NewsNight show on MSNBC last year. The funky theme was composed, produced and written by the living legend, who will perform next month at the Essence Festival.

“We’re very good friends,” says Hall. “You can’t date Prince. He’s a great friend. He gives me great advice. He gives me advice on what to wear, my hair, you would be surprised. Well, you wouldn’t be surprised because he has a reputation of being a controlling person, which he’s not. He’s very opinionated. When I cut my hair back to this style, he sent me a picture of Audrey Hepburn and he said ‘I see you trying to be Audrey and he told me to move the bangs off my face.’ “

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