Pastor Jamal D. Bryant is coming under fire for a sermon he preached that referenced a popular Chris Brown song.

In the song Brown says:

When a rich n***a want ya

And your n***a can’t do nothing for ya

These hoes ain’t loyal

These hoes ain’t loyal

Yeah, yeah, let me see

Bryant is the senior Pastor at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD.

Catch the video above.

Pastor Bryant responded to the TJMS via Twitter:


Did the he go too far? Have you heard worse over the pulpit? Are we overreacting?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos, Video Source: YouTube)

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111 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Pastor Jamal Bryant Preaches ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal’; Responds to Backlash via Twitter

  1. I am wonderfully Made. on said:

    When has it become so acceptable for Black Women to be labelled a “Hoe.” First in videos and now in the Pulpit? From hell to the Pulpit. God did not call man to preach such a demeaning, demoralizing message. God called man to save souls not to break the spirit. I look at the video and see all the women giving high fives. Don’t you realize what just happened. What the hell is wrong with you. Are you so numb to brainwashing and demoralizing that now you accept it from the so call man of God? Standing there high fiving like it’s ok. May God help you.

  2. Sabrina Jackson on said:

    I wish Jesus could create His own Facebook page and comment on the comments made on here that are suppose to present His position on these issues. I bet you He would say “Half the people on here that want to speak FOR Me, don’t even speak TO Me”……#Stop quoting scriptures and do what the scriptures say and PRAY. Can someone please show me anywhere in the Word that we are given permission to gossip on the account of “I was just giving you my opinion”…Really?

  3. Gina on said:

    As a young person seeking a relationship with God, this is the exact reason I find it challenging to find a church home. My upbringing instilled in me that when you are of God you separate yourself from the world. As a man of God, calling any woman a hoe is unacceptable. What kind of example does that set? I refuse to subject myself under that kind of leadership. God is not a joke and Bryant seems like he isn’t taking his position seriously.

    SN: I’m embarrassed by the reaction of the congregation. I would have walked out. As women they should have been offended, unless they consider themselves hoes then maybe it was acceptable to them.

  4. This pastor is speaking down to the level of his congregation’s intellectual base. Many, both males and females of that congregation would probably be considered hoes so they can relate to what he said which is why their behavior will never change. A highly intellectual congregation would never hear nor accept their pastor categorize women as hoes even if they are some in the building. But of course his apologists and those who consider his message to be “true” will find ways to defend it.

  5. October on said:

    One doesn’t need to attend a church service to know certain women, as well as men, are not honorable people. So please let’s not put ALL the blame on women. I kinda have a problem with the sermon. Why didn’t he include men in the equation? Or, was he saving that sermon for another day? Just a thought

  6. ulysses on said:

    Wow. With all of the many troubling issues and crisis going on in this world and country, this is what is being preached? No wonder people can’t take church seriously. God is probably not pleased.
    And by the way, if someone is not loyal is probably because their not being of christ. And/or not loyal themselves in the first place

  7. Okay these ho’s ain’t loyal well hell he ain’t either. He cheated on his wife and got a young girl in the church pregnant. That is why his wife divorced him….to Jamal Bryant – Hoe You Ain’t Loyal!

  8. Pastor Rick on said:

    Just a thought…If your son came to you upset at his sister (your daughter) and he made a comment about her saying, “Mom/Dad, That Hoe Ain’t Loyal”…I’m just wondering would all these favorable responses be the same?

  9. lajamom on said:

    I did listen to the entire sermon and it was painful to do so. It started out with the message of society trying to take our young men and it the middle, “these ho’s ain’t loyal”? When he asked the old saints to forgive him, he knew he was about to say something inappropriate. I’m guessing it was his “ho” that turned on him for him to deliver such a misogynistic message. A person of God does not depend on a woman, or man to stay uplifted.

  10. Barb on said:

    The Bottom line is , he’s a Wolf in Sheep Clothing. He going to hell and taking a lot of folks with him!
    Romans 16:16
    Mathew 16:18

  11. It is amazing that people can sing the song but it can’t be used to explain and/or reference our troubling times among our on race and the Christianity race a well. Whether he said the tag line or not, the sermon ( the whole) sermon had a greater message. Than what people who don’t go to church often, worship the lord and spend time in his word,would want you to believe with just the snippet online everywhere.

    If the church is going to save the world you(we) must meet them on there level. Not everybody in his church or any other church denomination are saved,sanctified and filled with the holy ghost. Jesus walked among the people and spoke their language, no matter the tongue he was able to translate or say something that moved,motivated and encourage people in biblical times. That is exactly what he is trying to do. If the word or language is inappropriate for a sermon,than it should be inappropriate for us to listen to on the radio,mp3 players you name it. It falls right along with us using the N & B word all the time but white people or any other race can’t. If you’re tired of this coming from different people mouths keep it out of the streets,radio,comedy shows and casual conversations and main stream of America or better yet the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Lastly,After his personal ordeal in his own marriage and he came clean to his to congregation and confess his sins/transgression. He didn’t have to do that but he did because he is human, a man that was called but just like David he going to fall short and will fall short. With him doing that, his ministry change for the better but with along with that it brought on people of the world, the saw him as a real man of GOD preaching,teaching and showing GODS GRACE,no matter your shortcomings. They need a relevant word and sometimes it cuts like a two edge sword but GODS GRACE is sufficient and can handle it all. Hurting people need to hear that,people who have lost faith need to hear that,people who don’t know God,the Lord Jesus from the pardon of their own sins need to know that.You are not born a SAINT but through Grace/Faith in the Lord you can get back up. The truth hurts ,stings and bite you in your butt at times. Do we need that all the time, NO but it was a relevant word for that day and his congregation received and so did I, the entire sermon, not the snippet. An yes theses hoes ( Men, Women, Husband, Wife, Employers, Lawyers, Educators, Pastors, Friends, Doctors ,so on and so on) ain’t loyal. By the way his ex-wife attends his church and still is a member. That’s GRACE!!!

  12. Paris on said:

    I find his message disturbing because he doesn’t give his congregation enough credit to be able to grasp a sermon unless it’s laced with vulgar street slang. His use of the word “hoe” is a prime example of his opinion of the members of his congregation level of intelligence. He’s not my kind of preacher/teacher.

  13. Jasmyne Davis on said:

    Pastor Bryant is a brillant man in the was he structures his sermons. If you ever listen to him on a constituent basis, you can tell that he really does a lot of research and studying before delivering a sermon. His sermons intermingle everything from science to the streets. Sophocles, Plato, & Aristotle too were condemned for their teachings, but their works are still followed today!!! He reaches and teaches to the church and the street. # THESE HOES AINT LOYAL!!!!!! LMAO LOL LOL
    #LEAVE THAT MAN OF GOD ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think the content of his sermon is the problem. The problem is that he does not seem to be intelligent enough to deliver a sermon without sinking to gutter language level to get his point across. And I’ll bet Jasmyne, that if you have children, you wouldn’t be so willing to defend your son’s actions if he called you, your mother or the Right Reverend himself a “hoe”. But unless there are only adults in this “house of worship”, these holy rollers are going to have some ‘splainin’ to do when their little darlings want to know why they can’t talk like the good Passa Bryant talks. This is wrong on too many levels to list in one post. You just can’t fix stupid.

      • Jasmyne on said:

        Kay when Pastor Bryant referenced Chris Brown song saying “These hoes ain’t loyal” he did not intend to categorize all women as hoes. He simply was saying don’t let a good woman pass you by that God has sent to you for one who is whorish, a whore, home wrecker, side chic, ect. Any woman who looks to play a role of destruction in a marriage or relationship, or one who is down right just trashy…so with that being said I don’t take it offensively because all women are not hoes, just as every women who has a child is not a mother. # IF THE SHOE FITS THEN WEAR IT….

      • There is absolute NO excuse for a minister to use that type of language when referring to women. Period. And if you think otherwise, I hope you don’t have children who attend church, who will be learning the terminology to address you, your mother, the pastor’s mother or any other woman. Who better to use as a role model? What’s wrong with you?

      • Jasmyne on said:

        Question Kay, if you had to teach a lesson to a broad range of people, would you not alter it some to reach the masses. When teaching you have to be versatile & that Pastor Bryant is. Jesus did not only preach to the rich & well educated but he spoke to the poor and the deaf, dumb & blind as well…it’s not just the congregation that he’s trying to bring closer to God but those in the streets, lost souls, ect!

      • I’m fine with falling outside societal norms, just not outside the normal perimeters of respectability, responsibility and basic intelligence. I speak to groups of women at different battered women’s shelters quite frequently. The come from all social, economical and mental backgrounds. I don’t use one way of speaking to a certain class of people and another way to a different class of people. I would no sooner use gutter language with a streetwalker than I would a battered housewife. This man should be intelligent enough to deliver a sermon without sinking to the level of sewer slime. He’s an entertainer giving his audience a show. I hope they tithed accordingly.

  14. Kelvin on said:

    The word is “whore” and not “hoe”. A hoe is a tool used in a garden of plants to maintain the fruitfulness and well-being, if you will, of the plants from the possible and probable destruction of the growth and/or overgrowth of wild weeds. A hoe is used to destroy the wild weeds that will sprout up in a garden. Those wild weeds will kill the garden if left alone and not maintained. The wild weeds that make the fruit or plant useless because the weeds choke or destroy the great potential of the plant; rendering the garden unfit to eat. The weeds also kills the reproduction capabilities of the plants. Hoe’s are tools to maintain and protect; whores are wild weeds that destroy – they come in many different forms.

  15. jess on said:

    To Sybil: He said: Men don’t be insecure about a godly woman speaking over your life because..
    These hoes aint loyal…..(i.e. women who are into your cars,clothes and income) but a godly woman has a desire to see her man in the will of god. Please listen to the entire sermon b4 going ham on him. U sounded really silly!!! smh

  16. jess on said:

    He said: an anointed woman of god isnt dreaming about a man….she dreams FOR her man
    so when she’s really connected to who you are she’s begin to dream about what she see’s you accomplishing and you with your silly self gonna go run off with some side-chick who has no anointing….


  18. Charli on said:

    So many sads. The church as in effect, assimilated. How do you tell the difference any more? L&HH, RHWOA, PREACHERS OF LA. There is nothing holy about the church as a whole any more.

    I quit ministry after 12 years of service due to constantly being asked to lower my standard and adulterate my convictions.

    The deterioration of of the original purpose of the is rabid. How long Lord, how long?

  19. Brian on said:

    Jamal Bryant is both a Pimp & Hoe, so he knows better than anyone that a Hoe ain’t loyal. He slept with men while he was married. He slept with women while he was married. He slept with prostitutes while he was married. It takes a Hoe to know another Hoe.

  20. Steven on said:

    Here we go……responding to soundbites. I have no problem with what Pastor Bryant said. Listen to the whole sermon for context. Better yet……go to church your self! He was as much in the spirit as Jesus was when he overturned money tables in Mark 11. Furthermore……secular society is always trying to tell the sacred to live by their rules….

    • straightnochaser on said:

      Furthermore……secular society is always trying to tell the sacred to live by their rules….

      Funny, but ‘religious’ people do the same thing. Especially when they take scripture and twist it in order for it to fit what they believe. Calling oneself a ‘Christian’ is not a free ticket into heaven, and that title definitely does not give ANYBODY a monopoly on God.

    • straightnochaser on said:

      And the number of Black children growing up without a Black father reveals the truth about Black men. Don’t need to see a video about that ‘truth.’

  21. Hirelings will call out your stuff & hide theirs.. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. It’s ok to rebuke sin but ti’s not Ok to scatter the flock. All have sinned & fallen short of God’s glory. People don’t testify as much as they should & or share their faults that’s why some don’t get saved..because everybody think you you’ve always been a saint. I remember living in NJ during winter I attended church it was a really cold day. I was approached by the pastors daughter she said sister Alberta I had a drug problem too..I was like what? I didn’t understand why she came out the blue talking about that I never said I had a drug problem..For some reason I looked in the mirror & behold I had dried up snot under my nose..Lol they thought I was using drugs that day.. Lol so funny ask don’t assume stuff. They nice people tho. I can’t count the times I had dried snot during the winter..O well life goes on.

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