Speed, who was convicted of killing Police Officer Niles Johangten in 1991, had jimmied the lock on his cell to make a phone call when he spotted Jones. He says Watts prevented anything from going down, but Jones admitted to consensual says the report. Speed has been in the jail since 2011, ย awaiting hearings on his capital murder case.

Faulty locks in the troubled jail are a known problem as inmates often jam or jimmie the locks and roam freely around the facility. The jail also has problems with housing inmates too long who are awaiting court dates. The city jail does not have facilities in place that a prison would.

$5 million dollars has already been budgeted to fix the locks, which would then signal when they are working properly. The work is expected to be completed in July.

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One thought on “Murder Suspect and Convicted Killer Hook Up In Atlanta Jail

  1. I said it. on said:

    I’m more concerned with why this lady has been in jail since 2011, without a trial; and why the author of this article claims to be a writer. This article is poorly written and confusing.

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