Murder was the case, but that didn’t stop two inmates from trying to get a little something poppin’ at the Atlanta Fulton County jail, reports

When convicted cop killer Norris Speed saw accused killer Jasmine Jones in the medical wing of the jail, he thought he’d use the well-known faulty locks in the Atlanta jail to arrange a hookup. Jones was willing if nervous, Speed admitted in the official police report. Jones, ย who has apparently been in the jail since October of 2011 without a trial on murder and robbery charges, was missing from her cell and the shower she was supposed to be taking when Sherrif’s Deputy Michael Watts took notice and when looking for the inmate.

he stated that inmate Speed popped opened the side door and told her to come into his cell. Inmate Jones then stated that she was tempted and let the lust get the best of her so she willingly entered inmate Speedโ€™s cell although she was extremely nervous,โ€ Watts wrote.

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One thought on “Murder Suspect and Convicted Killer Hook Up In Atlanta Jail

  1. I said it. on said:

    I’m more concerned with why this lady has been in jail since 2011, without a trial; and why the author of this article claims to be a writer. This article is poorly written and confusing.

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