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Wiz Khalifa is enjoying the life! Music, his child, wife, dogs and most importantly weed.

In an interview on a New York based radio show, Khalifa tells all, including his need for weed to wanting to take his new born on tour with him.

Wiz Khalifa just released his mix tape titled 28 Grams, which hints at his overabundant use of marijuana.  Wiz’s drug use is no longer a habit but a lifestyle and a necessity. Wiz tells the show “I need weed. I took a nap, woke up and a there was a cup of coffee and a joint next to my bed.  My mom [prepared it].”

Although his wife, Amber Rose, doesn’t smoke with Wiz he explains, she is more than happy to roll his joints for him. He also explains that he would like his child to get used to his lifestyle. “I dont want him fully exposed to it to where his breathing it. But he’s going to smell it, know what it is and be familiar with it.”

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