The Real Housewives of Atlanta came into contact with just about every sort of drama imaginable and despite all of the legal woes that some members of the cast found themselves involved with, the powers that be over at Bravo were not stupid enough to let a single one of the cast members go!

Even though some people were campaigning for NeNe or Kenya or even Porsha to be axed…according to it ain’t about to happen!

A source tells Radar that,

“ALL of the ladies are coming back, they’ve all been given their contracts. That brawl between Porsha and Kenya was the best thing to happen to the show and the Bravo producers want all of the women back for more drama next season. Even NeNe Leakes staying out of the fray made headlines because she always has something outrageous to stay and they want to make sure that she’ll be back too. Everyone wants more money this season. They KNOW how well the show does, how all of them are making those network folks tons of money and the ladies want a part of that. These ladies are smart and they know how to negotiate so they’re confident that they can get their raises on their own.”

There are so many loose ends left to tie up like; Will NeNe get another acting gig? How will Todd and Mama Joyce get along now that he and Kandi are married? Will Cynthia and Peter save their businesses? What will be the next step for Porsha now that her divorce is final? How is Phaedra going to carry on with her two little boys while Apollo is behind bars?  Did Kenya learn a lesson after her altercation with Porsha?

As you can see…we’ve got questions! We’re glad to see we may actually get answers! There is a lot to resolve and much for Bravo to work with in terms of storylines!

We’re heading to the store to grab some corn for popping…cause we’re sure the next season is about to be GREAT!



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4 thoughts on “Ratings Talk: Bravo Wants All 6 Women Back For Next Season Of RHOA

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    No Class group of dimwits including Bravo and Andy Cohen. I use to like Andy but I’ll take that back.

  2. So now that the ladies of ROHA are returning for a new season at Bravo because of the ratings hit, after the the Kenya and Phaedra fight. Does this also mean that Mr. Cohen after he stated he and Bravo does not condone fighting, is now in support of fights, as long as it brings big ratings?

  3. Demp109 on said:

    Make that money ladies!!! Leave the physical fights out of the mix and me and my girls will have a blast watching next season’s drama!!!!

  4. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Like I said I WON’T BE WATCHING IT ANYMORE. They need to change the name to Jerry Springer show. Bravo dwells on drama and negativity. One of these days they will get hit with a lawsuit because somebody will blame their crazy behavior on watching this kind of mess. If that’s what it take to get Bravo off the air, I’m all for it.

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