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In the movie Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson crash weddings to pick up women. In real life, celebrities go to fabulous places and sometimes, they run across people getting married. In the latest edition of Celebrity Wedding Crashers, a couple taking pic on Miami Beach ran into none other than Serena Willliams and her tennis-playing homegirl Caroline Wozniacki and lots of photos ensued, that were, of course, posted to social media.

If you’re wondering why Serena and Caroline had time to hang out in Miami while the second Grand Slam tournament of the year, the French Open, is going on, it’s because they both lost in early rounds. So the new BFF’s who’ve been hanging out together lately after Wozniacki’s wedding to pro golfer Rory McIllroy was called off, were just hanging out on sunny Miami Beach when this couple came to take pics. Hit the next page to check out Serena in all her leopard bathing suit-clad glory.

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(Photos: Serena Williams IG)

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18 thoughts on “Serena Williams Crashes Wedding In Leopard Suit [PHOTO]

  1. Ms. Tonya Pendleton, you need your journalist car revoked. Oh, wait this was a deceitful, inaccurate, sensational gossip story designed to bring people to the web site. OK, it worked.

  2. c.w. law on said:

    I am always amazed at how ignorant some people are! Those of you trying to bash Serena are hilarious! Super ignorant but hilarious none the less!

  3. Miss educated on said:

    Myra, that bathing suit was not trashy and Jerome No matter what Ms. Williams wears, see would never look like see was in Halloween outfit! You fool even misspelled Halloween!! Dumb asses!

  4. Reading is fundamental!!! She was NOT at their wedding in a bathing suit! She was on the beach where her bathing suit was very appropriate! The couple was on the beach taking wedding photos. THEY asked HER to take pics with them and she happily did so. Please read and understand before posting ignorant remarks!

    • Mrs. MB on said:

      That’s just it TLC they don’t read the entire article, they’ll take a few lines, a heading or even a picture and run with it. It’s really ridiculous!!!!

  5. You know you negative pople are never happy or pleased with anything, you know if that had been you out there a superstar was out there you would have done the same thing. What they got is a great memory to go in their photo book. STOP HATEN!!!!!!!!!!! What she had on was for the occasion she was there for the”BEACH”. The wedding party got more than the expected a great gift from someone like Serena. Great moment wedding party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bron on said:

    okay, who asked who to be in there pictures? Serena??? I think not!! Serena was on the beach doing her thing and here we are judging her..GET A LIFE!!!

  7. pac4me on said:

    What is wrong with everybody – Serena was on the beach minding her own business! the couple asked to take pictures with her and she was gracious enough to do so. They didn’t care that she wasn’t dressed for a wedding photo. And oh by the way, if she had declined the request then you fools would have said something negative to say – so leave Ms Serena alone, she is entitled to beach time too!

    • Mrs. MB on said:

      Serena would be “WRONG” in certain people’s eye sight anyways. Had she not taken the pic after being asked by a “fan”, the bashing would have been she should have or could, but she did take a couple of pics and now the “moral police” are all over her. Whatever, the happy couple didn’t have a problem with the way she was dressed, because if they did they would NOT have asked. So neither should anyone else.

  8. Myra on said:

    Lucky??!!! I would have been insulted. I really thought she was classier than that. Now their wedding pictures will be filled with a woman wearing a trashy leopard print bathing suit. Not cool.

  9. Jerome Danzy on said:

    Are u 4 real Serina I would understand If it was Hollowween . No matter how much money u have that cant be over looked .

      • Miss B on said:

        Uhhh, she was on the beach. They asked her to be in the picture. I’m sure it wasn’t the other way around. Get real people. Let the girl visit the beach. She should embrace her fans.

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