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NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is still in the midst of a bitter divorce ex-wife Pilar Sanders. The former couple is still battling it out in court because Pilar wants her prenup voided so that she can receive more money than what she originally agreed to when she signed the prenup. Her previous attempts to have the prenup have been denied, but Pilar has one more trick up her sleeve.

Pilar Sanders has recently filed legal documents claiming she should not be governed or held to the standards of American law since she is a Moorish National Aboriginal, Indigenous Natural Person. (Don’t worry, we were wondering what the hell she was talking about as well.) Pilar Sanders, who is now using the name Pilar Biggers Sanders Love El-Dey, says that since she is now affiliated with the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World she can only be judged and governed by the Moroccan Empire.

It’s still unclear how this recent piece of information will help void her prenup, but bless her heart for trying. As we mentioned before, her previous attempts to have her prenup voided have been denied and judging from how out of left field this is, we have a feeling this will be another denied attempt.

But we will see.

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6 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders’ Bizarre New Reason Her Prenup Should Be Thrown Out

  1. If you sign a prenuptial agreement at least let it be fair for both parties.Some women feel intimidated or scared he might call off the wedding. Basically they are signing a contract, if this marriage don’t work pat your feet. Why is she not focusing more on getting her children back?

  2. Sharon Jones on said:

    She has lawyer’s. Sit back, relax and pay attention. The plot thickens. If you haven’t walked in her shoes, zip it. She really doesn’t need a reason or many reasons. GOD, don’t like ugly. Deion, is ugly! And, his hands aren’t clean. I have no respect for a man, that take children from their mother. She just really need to save her money (legal fee’s) and wait on GOD! Trust and believe, “HE”will do as promised! Now that GOD has her attention, she should listen to HIM!

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