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Jay Z is in the news again and it has nothing to do with Solange or missing Kimye’s wedding.

Nope, this is about business. Or should we say getting rid of a business associate. According to reports, Jigga and longtime business manager, John Meneilly, are no longer associated.

A source says it wasn’t Meneilly’s choice to end their arrangement. Hmm, that tells you a lot right there.

Well obviously there’s a lot more to the story. Here’s what the NY Daily News – which broke the story – is reporting:

For more than a decade Meneilly sat at the center of Jay Z’s notoriously tight inner circle.

The former Provident Financial executive is largely credited with navigating the rise of the Rocawear clothing line, which Jay Z sold off for $200 million in 2007 while maintaining marketing and licensing rights.

Meneilly is also credited as one of the architects behind Jay Z’s huge deal with Samsung last year, which instantly moved a million copies of the rapper’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”

Meneilly was also a chief player at Roc Nation, which has grown from a record label to a talent management group that reps Yankee CC Sabathia and former Bronx Bomber Robinson Cano.

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13 thoughts on “Jay Z Cuts Ties with Longtime Business Manager

  1. Johnny on said:

    Haha Ameliano.. u beat me to the punch.. Jay-Z is one FUGLY dude. I feel sorry for beyonce too.. at some point.. money is not as important when u wake up an see that ogre sleeping next to you. Of all the guys she could have had… she chose this potato head! I swear if my dog looked like Jay-z.. i’d shave its asss and teach him how to walk backwards!

  2. 123Lovie on said:

    Tom L really your hate and envy comes through loud and clear “J” has a keen sense of business and let me also state this fact and it will most likely make your blood boil “J” is a great humanitarian he sponsor’s so many inner city programs and proceeds from his roc-a-ware goes into inner city schools to supply computers, books etc. And to give these kids a chance to go to college so they can go back and make a difference for their community get your mind right Tom L!!! I have nothing but high regard for anyone who can take their circumstance and turn it into gold.

  3. Ameliano Zapata on said:

    Joe camel needs the money, his face is brutal. I feel sorry beyonce to have to wake up looking at that camel face. Money sure helps doesn’t it.

    • Debbie on said:

      Ghetto trash has built himself up well!!! No inheritance there. My boy worked hard to be where he is. Go Jay!!!

    • Jelli on said:

      Be careful using the word as the original meaning applies to all races that live in an area together – dumb ass racist.

    • pac4me on said:

      Tom L – sooo you think Jay Z is ghetto trash and nothing more, so if we measured the two of you side by side – that would make you WHAT??? Ghetto jealous, Ghetto stupid, Ghetto racist – when did he do anything to you? – so shut the F up!!!

      • Johnny on said:

        im sure if they were both side to side.. Tom would be a hell of alot better looking. One thing these writers can’t call jay is “handsome” or “good-looking”! all the money in the world makes no difference especially when ur that ugly and a former crack dealer. No points!

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