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Let’s be honest, every day is not a good hair day. But bad hair days don’t have to be all bad. There are a few go-to styles that will ensure your natural hair always looks on point, even on the roughest of days. The next time you wake up and look in the mirror wondering what to do, try these styles!


This is my go-to style almost every time I have no clue what to do with my hair. It’s probably the easiest hairstyle there is and you can never go wrong with it. Simply brush or use fingers to pull hair together. Use a hair tie to secure your bun where you want it and there you have it in a matter of minutes.


On a bad hair day you probably think rocking your hair out is not the move, but it could be. Sometimes it’s good to embrace the crazy state your hair is in. Pull out your Afro pick and rock that big curly fro!

Pin Up

You’d be amazed what a bobby pin can do! Okay, maybe A LOT of bobby pins. But nevertheless, wearing a pin up style allows you to be creative, while masking the fact your hair is in need of some serious TLC.


Braid styles are great to wear any time, but they work great on bad hair days, too. There are a few styles you can go with it. Two cornrows going straight back, French braids, and unicorn braids are among the most popular. Try out different styles to see which works for you.

Head Wrap

When all else fails, grab your head wrap. Sometimes we get to the point where we don’t feel like doing anything to our hair until it’s time to wash and re-style. In this case, a head wrap is the perfect, stylish way to cover your hair completely. No need to worry about which style is going to work, throw on your wrap and go!


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