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”Hollywood Exes” star Andrea Kelly‘s prince turned out to be more toad than royalty. Recently, it was reported Kelly was happily married to a God-fearing man, Brian McKee.

But her happiness with her new husband was quickly shattered when she received messages from another woman accusing McKee of asking for financial support from other women. And the marriage, after a few months, was supposedly done.

But McKee told Sister 2 Sister his marriage isn’t over.

“We’re working things out, at least my desire is to work things out and pull things together and just try to rebuild if at all possible,” he said. “I love my wife and this has been a trying time.”

The couple married back in March, the show’s new season premiered in May and the drama followed.

McKee apologized for hurting his wife — wanting to work things out.

“I apologize for any wrongdoing that was done in this matter,” he said. “I’m deeply sorry for any embarrassment that I’ve caused her, any hurt that I’ve caused her and any individuals included in this matter. I just really want to own up to it and move forward at this point…Just hurting my wife, period, is what I’m owning up to.”

Although he didn’t reveal too much about his adventures with other women, he said he’s hurt by the situation too.

“There are two sides to every story … whether there were some things that were said that were true or not true or a stretch of the truth, it still was my fault, regardless,” he said.

McKee blamed reality TV for his marital problems and his skeletons getting out.

“The TV show is what made these people come forward, what made these people say anything. If you knew about a matter eight months ago or a year ago or two years ago, why did you wait until the day of the show to bring this out? Had the TV show not come on, no one would have said anything,” he said.

At this point, he said his marriage is in God’s hands.

“I’m being prayerful. I would love to move forward and just believe God for the best situation,” he said. “I love her and I know she loves me. It’s truly up to God really. I’m just praying for real. It’s not over until God says it’s over. I’m going to stand in His word and believe that.”

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