Amanda Hendrickson, 33, and boyfriend Roderick Buckner, 34, have been arrested in the beating death of her daughter, 5-year-old Heaven Woods, reports WSBTV.

Heaven was discovered unresponsive in her Forsyth County, Georgia home after 911 was called. She later died at a local hospital.

An investigation was immediately opened by the GBI.

“So far what we’ve learned from the autopsy is the death was the result of blunt force trauma to the abdomen and it has been ruled a homicide,” said GBI spokesperson Sherry Lang.

“Multiple injuries were discovered, but those injuries were fresh and new. Some were old injuries that had healed,” Lang said.

Hendrickson and Buckner were arrested and both charged with felony child cruelty. Hendrickson also faces a count of making false statements.

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The GBI said Hendrickson has a history with the Department of Family and Children Services in Floyd County.

Investigators said that’s where she lived until early May when she moved to Monroe County and moved in with Buckner.

“So possible long term abuse? It appears that the abuse was not something that had just started,” Lang said.

“I can’t even imagine what would make anybody want to hit anybody, let alone a child,” said city of Forsyth mayor John Howard.

Hendrickson is currently pregnant with her fifth child, reports the AJC.

Both she and Buckner are being held without bond.

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7 thoughts on “Ga. Mother Arrested In Beating Death Of 5-Year-Old Daughter

  1. Child cruelty. No they should be charged with murder of a child. Cruelty is what is said when someone do something to an animal. This was a five year old child. But nothing anyone do anymore surprise me and that is so sad to say, but it is so true. No one value life anymore. I have no words for these people. Let God handle this he will in his own time.

  2. Evil in all forms, colors, and flavors. The only death penalty I favor is for child killers. Be slow to condemn think abortion, take a deep breath then started throwing the verbal rocks. It is written there is no greater or lesser crime. Have you been involved in or support an abortion? All guilty raise your hand and shame the devil with the Truth. How many like this little girl never made it out of the death chambers or the womb and birth room alive? How many times have you advised that Abortion was the best way to go? Still waiting for some more hypocrites to stand up with the Kill Her Stones in hands. “Let ye of no guilt throw the First stone.

  3. Joey on said:

    how could anyone kill a beautiful child like that, and then continue to have other children and why?
    sign of the times, God said suffer little children come unto-me,,,

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    …so white girl had an illegitimate baby with some black dude (Woods); Woods did what a lot of busters do and disappeared for whatever reason; white girl finds another black simp…long story short, they killed this child…

  5. GSmith on said:

    This is just sad and sickning, they should be locked up for life and never allowed to see the children including the unborn one ever again.

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