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The video of a toddler singing Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” at the top of his lungs has gone viral.

Eyes closed, head titled back, and veins popping out of his neck; the little kid is obviously ready for Hollywood.

Uh-oh Beyonce, it looks like you might have some competition!

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12 thoughts on “Cuteness Alert: Video of Baby Singing ‘Drunk In Love’ Will Make You Smile [WATCH]

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  3. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    This video did not make me smile at all… The kid is adorable but why does the parent or whoever recorded this song think it is ok for this child to be singing this song??? Even if I allowed my child to listen to this song I would not record it because it is not appropriate. I do not have children but apparently I have more sense that ppl with children. Some ppl should not be parents and some should wait until there more wise. That video proves my point. As a whole we need to do better. Promote and encourage other things like learning, not twerking nd sex.

  4. pac4me on said:

    While the child is unquestionably cute – – why on God’s green earth would a parent condone this? He surely doesn’t know what he’s singing about and as parents we must be careful what we expose our babies too – especially boy babies

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  6. IanRousseault on said:

    Smile??? Smile??? Smile??? How about CRY??? That poor baby, and I pity to think about the life that he will undoubtably live!!!!

  7. IanRousseault on said:

    You know what? After seeing this TRASH, I have really given up on people making wise choices about parenting their children! What in the HELL is a child doing seeing this GARBAGE??? This child should be removed from his so call home, right away! Are you F______ kidding me????? Why is that people are so damn blind??? This is a child you morons, why would you play this type of drivel and ghettoness around a child??? We wonder why the majority of black folk are in the position that they are in, look at the video and you’ll begin to understand why! Some people should NOT have Children at all!!!!!!!!

  8. The Truth on said:

    The kid is cute. The video? not so much! What does this baby know about being “drunk,” “in love,” or “we be all night.”
    This is not the kind of song a child should be singing. Parents we’ve got to do better with impressionable young minds.

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