There might be trouble in so called “paradise” for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta couple, Stevie J aka “Stebbie” and Joseline.

The “Puerto Rican princess” shocked her Twitter followers on Monday night by accusing her husband Stevie J of beating her. Joseline not only posted a tweet saying, “Y does he bruise me up Steebie stop”, but also photos to document the abuse. Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.53.49 PM

When the tweets were initially tweeted, several people thought Joseline’s account was hacked. Joseline added even more fuel to the fire when she tweeted “Mona told me to hide it Steebie knew I was f*cking weed man so he beat me I’m still a bad b*tch”

So now, Joseline is not only accusing Stevie J of beating her, but the TV show’s creator, Mona Scott-Young for covering up the story.

Before deleting the posts, Joseline confirmed that it was in fact her who posted the images. “Sorry I was tripping last night,” she wrote. “When you post the truth you hacking? I’m confused ok I’ve been hacked.”

Tuesday evening, Joseline released an Instagram video hoping to put the rumors to rest. She assures her fans that she is okay and her account was hacked.


Hacked or not, the bruises and scars are far from fake.

Are you buying the ‘hacked’ argument? Let us know what you think…

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(Photos: PR Photos and Instagram)


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