A soulful street singer is randomly joined by two strangers who simply were just feeling the beat.

Spontaneity can make someone’s day. Looking like he just got off work, the random singer is very appreciative he was presented the opportunity to express his soulfully smooth voice.

The video starts out with a street performer playing an upbeat acoustic guitar set outside of a store. A customer then puts down his groceries  to join the performer for a duet. The two effortless throw around some beautiful harmonies and verses.

The jam session gets even better when a worker approaches the duo and joins in himself. The trio continues to sing and the worker even throws in a rap verse.

The most beautiful part of it all? At the end of the video, the worker says, “I needed that one man! I appreciate that!”

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5 thoughts on “Jam Session Lifts Worker’s Mood

  1. 123Lovie on said:

    I’m at work and I appreciated this one “sometimes I just don’t know!!!” had me grooving, that came straight from a place we all in this struggle together loved it!

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