How many of you feel as though you’ve done the most inner growth this past month than you have in years? How many of you have been stretched beyond your limits? Did you feel a shift? Did a breakthrough occur (after the breakdown, of course)? How do you feel now, still a little shaky? Well, I’m happy to report that starting this week (as soon as Monday) life will begin to feel normal again. Although this time, it’s a new kind of normal.

Action oriented Mars stations direct this week after being retrograde (Rx) since March (a retrograde planet gives the illusion of moving backwards in the sky). Mars Rx along with all the other astro shenanigans that recently exploded in the cosmos above – Eclipses, Full Moons, you name it – has made life eventful to say the least! Mars is action oriented, but when retrograde, the energy of this planet makes it difficult to charge ahead. Many of us, and I mean A LOT of folks, have felt stuck for too long trying to figure out a relationship, career move, relocation and etc. Now that Mars is moving forward, we can start making solid plans. We’ll even see some significant progress as early as Memorial Day weekend.

Keep in mind, however, that progress entails a new way of being and doing. You can’t expect to create a different life using the same old tools. If you’re still clinging to outworn beliefs or people and things that no longer serve you, you’re not listening to the Universe’s call for change, and the game has changed my friends. If you hope to keep up and benefit, you will have to evolve.

We’re at an important juncture – a turning point that necessitates we trust in the process that is currently unfolding. The time is now, and as you now know, time waits for no one. Check your horoscopes below for the week ahead, and be sure to read for your Ascendant sign, too.

On the day you were born, all of the planets were positioned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your full astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at

Aries: If you go back and read my 2014 horoscope for Aries, you will recall I said that you would most likely be dealing with similar relationship themes that have been plaguing you since 2009. Lessons on compromise and cooperation abound, but not without a fight from you, I’m sure (especially since the beginning of this month!). As Mars stations direct this week, activities with your SO will begin to pick up speed again. When all else fails, dear Ram, your choice must be love. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Taurus: The pace of life will pick back up, Taurus. You can expect busy days, full schedules and daily chores that require your energy. Of course, this time around, you’ll go about things a little differently. That means managing your time, taking care of your body, and learning when to ask for help. If there’s anything you’ve learned while Mars has been retrograde, it’s that you can’t do it all by yourself. Don’t forget to use your contacts, and maybe even consider hiring a personal assistant. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Gemini: Soon you’ll be back in your element, dear Twins. You’ll feel more like your usual self, with enough confidence to pursue a new romance or creative endeavor. Mars’ forward motion is timed quite nicely with the Sun’s entry into your sign. Add Mercury’s transit of Gemini too, and you’ll be on fiya! There’s nothing stopping you now; the time is ripe and the cosmos is on your side. I suggest you use this week to sneak an extra hour of sleep. You’ll have your wings soon enough, ready to fly. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Cancer: Activity on the home front will soon pick up again. You’ve had a nice break from family and kin connections, but now the focus resumes. You may be moving, renovating or welcoming a new addition. You could be just as busy nurturing your emotional body. Wherever Mars is in the mix, you can expect some tension too. This time around, I suggest you avoid the passive aggressive route to resolving certain soar spots with relatives. Instead, actively heal and embrace the ties that bond. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Leo: Activities in your ‘hood will increase now that Mars is moving direct. You can expect short trips and more time spent with siblings and neighbors – you’ll become quite the busy body! You’ve had some time to sneak away from the hustle, Leo, which has led to subtle changes in the way you communicate. You may have noticed that your speech has slowed, and your tone of voice is softer. Mental focus has peaked too. Such new developments are set to enhance interactions of all kinds. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Virgo: For a while now, the things you value most have come into question. As a result, you’ve been reassessing what you consider to be of worth, from certain possessions to your self-esteem. You thought you had it all figured out at first, but nothing had been set in stone. This week you can begin to assert your worth, which could play out in important relationships or financial dealings. The point is to be aware of all the good you have to offer, dear Virgo. Leave doubt behind. Never waiver. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Libra: Indecision is your worst enemy, Libra. Many people aren’t aware of just how painful a process it is for you to carefully weigh your options in order to figure out the best way forward. Not only is it not apparent, you don’t get much sympathy either. As a result, people call you flakey. Mars’ retrograde through your sign certainly hasn’t helped. You have felt especially stuck, completely paralyzed to make a move. Thankfully, Mars moves forward this week. It’s decision-making time. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Scorpio: Wake up, Scorpio! It’s time to wake up and get back to enlightenment. Oh, you thought I meant wake up from sleeping? Well, not really. I mean wake up from living an unconscious life. You’ve done some major internal reflection over the past few months. Certain epiphanies made you jump for joy while others made you feel pretty crappy about yourself. But don’t forget that it’s part and parcel to becoming more aware. Now wake up, and start applying all that you have learned. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Sagittarius: Finally your friends are back and ready to play! It may have been tough for you to initiate plans and spend time with your click over these past few months, and I bet the experience led you to question your allegiance leaving you completely frustrated. By now you know your true friends Sagittarius, and while some connections have fallen by the way side, you can begin to bring new energy to current networks. So go ahead and call on your crew. They’ve missed you dearly. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Capricorn: Career matters are at the top of your agenda, and with a vengeance dear Capricorn. If you’ve been looking for work, your confidence is restored, and hopefully this time you know exactly where you want to be on the professional front. Of course, getting to such awareness was tough and required much inner reflection. But now that Mars is moving direct, you’ve got the cosmic green light to find and do work that is fulfilling. Time to get back to it; you really don’t have much choice. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Aquarius: You’ve had to go back to the drawing board on certain beliefs and personal philosophies, Aquarius. You’ve been questioning all that’s true for you, and may have suffered a few cases of “foot-in-the-mouth” as a result. Fortunately, Mars’ direct motion is quite favorable for you, not just because you’ll be able to speak your truth with conviction and without blunder, but also because you’ll be able to do so with a fair amount of tact. Use your words to inspire, dear Water Bearer. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Pisces: It’s time to bring sexy back, Pisces! Your mojo has been on reserve, and as a result, you might have felt uncomfortable being intimate with important others. Mars stationing direct will help you to feel more at ease in your skin, and whether for business or pleasure, you’re opening to new experiences that require merging on deep levels. As an intuitive sign, you usually know when you’re in a safe space to make yourself vulnerable. It’s now safe to trust your spidey sense again. “Baby’s First Astrology Book” is my special for May! Visit for more details.

Tracey L. Rogers is an Astrologer in the Washington, DC metro area. With over a decade of experience, Tracey brings clarity and insight to your full astrological make up, explaining how astronomical activity above affects us down below. Tracey’s readings are insightful, presenting vital information that leads to self awareness. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For more information on services, visit

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