Who says exes who allegedly expose their exes for monetary profit can’t be friends.

That may or may not be the case between Ray J and Kim Kardashian.

TMZ is reporting that the singer/reality television star gave his ex-girlfriend $47,000 representing profits from the first four months of 2014 of their popular sex tape.

The breakdown is as follows:

January $6,135.60

February $20,097.31

March $9,674.76

April $10,931.52

TOTAL: $46,840.13

Think she’ll accept her share of their now infamous tape? Let us know below!

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

20 thoughts on “Ray J Gives Kim Kardashian $47,000

    • I said it. on said:

      People are judged every day. That’s why one person gets a job over another, a guy proposes to one girl over another, a parent disapproves of a date, etc. We are not to live hazardly and expect nothing to be said. We have the ability to reason for a reason. Please stop taking scripture out of context.

      • Willie on said:

        I said it: In all due respect to your point-of-view, however, in the context I tried to express, I believe the GOD context is applicable, at least for the most part.

      • I said it. on said:

        Did Jesus forbid us from judging others?

        B. Larson, Arlington Heights, Illinois

        In three words, blunt and absolute, Jesus commanded us, “Do not judge” (Matt. 7:1). But did he really mean that we should never judge others? He goes on to suggest that it’s not the act of judging but the attitude with which we do it that God is most concerned about—”For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged” (7:2).
        There are other Scriptures that either cloud or shed light on the issue. Paul told the Christians in Rome not to judge one another (Rom. 14:13) but taught the Corinthians that they were to judge sinful believers and leave people outside the church to God (1 Cor. 5:12-13). James said he who judges his brother speaks against the law (4:11) but also implied that our judgments of others must be done with mercy (2:12-13).

        Common sense suggests that if no one ever judged other people, there would be no real human community. In a sinful world, no community can exist for long where nobody is ever held accountable: no teacher would grade a student’s performance; no citizen would sit on a jury or call a failed leader to account. And, when you come to think of it, nobody would ever forgive anyone for wrongs he had done; we only forgive people for what we blame them, and we blame them only after we have judged them.

      • Willie on said:

        I said it, after quoting Scriptures, your own words contained in the 3d paragraph, which I quoted, “common sense suggests that if no one ever judged….” establishes your take on what Jesus meant, which your take or spin or your interpretation of Jesus’ words cannot be applied to humanity at large, because what is “common sense” to you does not establish “common sense” for humanity at large. We are at the table-of-reasoning, which Jesus admonished us to put into practice when we have differences.

      • I said it. on said:

        We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but principalities in high places. Why people worry more about upsetting people than God is beyond me. If I see something and have an opinion, I have judged whatever it is. That’s a fact on every continent, in heaven, and hell. Do jurors judge? Do parents judge who their children date? Do bosses judge who they hire and fire? How do they do it? Most with common sense based off of judgements. Common sense may not be common, but it’s a beautiful thing to have and use. The whole post from earlier is a quote. The scriptures are out of the Bible. They are there for a reason…all of them, not just the ones we like, or that fit our lifestyle, or world beliefs. However, we are given free will, so everyone can say and do what they will, or must. For sure, we will know later….
        Drops mic.

      • Willie on said:

        I said it–it is apparent that you are a truthful person on a quest to please GOD and I try to be the same. We differ on this subject, but OUR heart is in the right place, which is most important, because GOD looks at the heart of a person.

      • Willie on said:

        I said it: I truly respect your Biblical knowledge; it is to be admired. Your take on the Scriptures is your spin; your own personal interpretation, by virtue of your own words, “common sense suggests…” What’s common sense to one man does not establish “common sense” for all of humanity, which is the main Reason to incorporate GOD as a Guide for our behavior toward our fellow man. I could elaborate more, but ‘LESS is BESSS.’

      • I said it. on said:

        Which scriptures were spun out of context? None of the words used were mine.

  1. Kathy on said:

    Ray J, give the money to me or a representative I will assure you is legit. I will make sure the money goes to a worthy charity. Homeless children could live on this for years. Be smart, not vindictive. Kim Kardashian is a really bad example for our future young women. I hope you are better than she.

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