Judge Joe Brown is moving away from his TV days to his political days. Brown is running for district attorney general in Memphis’ Shelby County, Tenn. His show was cancelled last year, which frees him up to run for elected office.

Brown was a criminal court judge for 10 years in Memphis and now, he’s planning to move up, if he himself can stay on the right side of the law.

Earlier this year, he was arrested and held in contempt of the court after showing up in a Memphis courtroom to represent someone in a child support case.

When court staff turned him away after telling Brown there was no record of the case, Brown reportedly lost it and became verbally abusive. As a result, Brown was warned several times to keep quiet and cited for contempt of court five times. He was sentenced to five days in jail and is currently appealing those charges.

The incident certainly doesn’t help Brown’s efforts to run for D.A. of Shelby County. According to TMZ, the reality TV judge “incited a near riot” by “playing to the peanut gallery.”

Brown is going up against Amy Weirich for DA and residents will decide on August 7 who they will elect into office.

“That sort of disrespectful circus stunt may get Hollywood ratings, but this is real life and real people, and Joe Brown knows better. He should be ashamed of himself,” Weirich‘s campaign manager said.

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