Still wondering what Solange said to Jay Z in that elevator? According to J. Anthony Brown, we’ve got the audio!

What do you think happened between the two? Any theories?

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(Courtesy video)


3 thoughts on “What Solange Said To Jay Z — According To J. Anthony Brown [WATCH]

  1. Joey on said:

    @ deb I agree, she knows a lot more than we do,, I believe that jay-Z is trying to get beyouce to believe that solange wants him,, and then him walking with his wife and touch some girls behind
    solange knows jay-Z aint’ nothing but a another Dis-respectul Rich black man who can do anything to anybody he wants, but solange does not take shit off of jay-z , she don’t care,who he is ,, now this is not the first time they have fought solange really does not care for Mr HOVA, who ever he calls himself this year. you just never know with family They have drama and fights like everyone else
    but this is not the first solange has checked Jay-z, so this is nothing New!,,,,

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