A case of justice being served? In Hearne (Texas), the cop who shot a 93-year-old woman, Pearlie Jones,  has been fired. According to KBTX-TV, on Saturday afternoon, the city council met to discuss taking possible disciplinary action against Officer Stephen Stem.

It took them less than 30 minutes to reach a unanimous vote to fire him. As we reported, Stem responded to a 911 call Tuesday from Golden’s nephew. She was upset about not being allowed to drive after failing a driver’s license renewal test. Roy Jones says when he wouldn’t give Golden her car keys, she went into the house and grabbed a .38 revolver.

Jones then ran to the side of the house and called 911. Stem ordered Golden to put the gun down, but Golden refused. Jones said Golden fired two shots gun into the ground. At that point, Robertson County District Attorney Coty Seigert said Stem fired four shots, hitting Golden twice, once in the right arm and once in the upper chest. Seigert says they have not confirmed whether Golden fired first.

During a protest march on Thursday, Quannel X and the Black Panther Nation threatened to protest in front of Stem’s house, if he was not fired. But the activist asked protestors to “give (council members) a chance to do what’s right.”

Mayor Ruben Gomez said he would recommend termination. Today, city attorney Bryan Ross advised the council do to the same. Interestingly, Stem – who had only been on the force for two years – in the line of duty, has managed to kill two people, both black.

In 2012, Stem shot and killed Tederalle Satchell, 28, who was with two other men who were reported to be firing a weapon inside a car. As in the Golden case, details are hard to come by, but it seems that the three fled the police on foot when Satchell – who was unarmed during the pursuit, according to an AP report – was put down by Stem.

However, a grand jury cleared Stem and he returned to duty.

(Photo: Eurweb.com)

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