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What a world we live in where we can do something so heinous, like falsely interpreting one of the world’s greatest leader’s funeral, and get paid for the foolishness.

This is the case for Mandela sign language interpreter where he was a complete and utter fraud. Because of his newfound “fame,” LiveLens App, a service that will allow you to stream live video to your social networks, hired the flim flammer for their new commercial.

I don’t know what’s worse, being rewarded for incredulous behavior, or… Well, nothing’s worse than that. At least in this case. Wait, only his acting might be a touch worse. Watch the video below.

What do you think of the video? Was it disrespectful or done in jest?


The Mandela Sign Interpeter Is Doing Commercials, Just As Horrible As You’d Think [VIDEO] was originally published on

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One thought on “The Mandela Sign Interpeter Is Doing Commercials, Just As Horrible As You’d Think [VIDEO]

  1. As long as Thamsanqa Jantjie is referred to as The Mandela Signer or The Mandela Sign Interpreter then he’s got it made for life,
    being eternally associated with the greatest leader to have straddle this and the last millennium.
    Azania – South Africa has just finished it’s 5th election since the end of apartheid and not surprisingly the ANC led by Jacob Zuma has been returned to power, with 64% of the vote.
    Detractors had hoped that scandal surrounding him would damage both President Zuma and the party, they were disappointed as the people well understood that the Presidential residence must have money spent on it for security.
    The pundits here were reminiscent of President Barack Obama’s return to power,
    in that they listened to themselves, their media friends and the ranters on the internet, in fact everyone except for the man on the streets,
    the one with the vote the only one who really counts.
    The same detractors were convinced that the Democratic Alliance (DA) were somehow going to romp home and take the ANC crown.
    However this largely White party with some Black African front men,
    had no real appeal to the mass of voters.
    Despite being in the game some 15 years now they only managed to garner some 23% of the vote. Their upset came in the form of the 9 month old Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)
    led by X ANC youth league leader, Julius Malema,
    though getting just 6.5% of the vote and a possible 25 MPs, they in the short time of their existence are the bell that tolls for the DA,
    as it is clear now who the future opposition party will be come the next election in 5 years time.
    The rabid right wing racists parties did particularly badly with most scoring well under half a percent, this also shows the political maturity of the mass of South African White folk who are sometimes drowned out by the very vocal racist minority.
    The ANC have dedicated or Livicated this election victory and the term ahead to Nelson MaDiba Mandela, we should all support them in the grand task they are doing in alleviating the poverty and social conditions of the mass of South Africans and
    giving them hope and opportunity for the future.
    It is clear that they have done more for the mass of Azanians in 20 years
    than Europeans did in 2 centuries.
    A Luta Continua

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