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Apollo Nida won’t be messing with T.I. anymore.

After Nida insinuated the rapper was a snitch in a tweet that read: “Ur dumb as f- its standard language in a federal plea agreement Michael Vicks TI’s plea It’s the same language different charge.”

T.I. confronted the reality TV husband in a parking lot over the tweet which T.I. claims is completely false. According to T.I. he is not a snitch.

Rapper Killer Mike took a photo of Nida apologizing to the Atlanta rapper for the Twitter comments. He posted the photo below along with the caption:”Phaedra’s Husband Apollo Apologize’n for some stoopid s–t he said to TMZ man this ni**a smh.#Clown.”


Nida is facing thirty years in prison over bank fraud charges.

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7 thoughts on “Rapper T.I. Confronts Apollo Nida Over Twitter Comments [WATCH]

  1. Criminals don’t win. It was bound to come out. Just sorry his two son’s will have this legacy. I am sure Phaedra will raise two fine, respectful , honest men. Black women have done it for years.

  2. Broadway on said:

    I was locked up with Apollo at walker state prison a while back. He was working for the warden then. .lol SNITCH ASS NIGGA….Straight clown. …

    • Karen on said:

      These are some ghetto fabulous comments. Not an Apollo fan at all, he is a weak man! The reason, crimes don’t get solved in our neighborhoods, folks don’t talk and tell the truth. Ghetto culture on steroids!

  3. Broadway on said:

    I was locked up with Apollo at walkervstatevprison some years back this sucker nigga was working for the warden then. ..SNITCH ASS nigga. ..straight clown

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