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Dear Tom,

My Mom has a big family – it’s so big, that when we all go out to eat – we have to call ahead. She is the fifth born out of 10 children…and I am the second of 6 kids in her immediate family made up of 4 girls and 2 boys.

My siblings and I have blessed her with 21 grandbabies. But that’s not all – my dad has 14 grand kids from his previous marriage for a total of 35 – some are as young as 5 years old and one just graduated from Howard.

She always has something going on the side – which is why I call her “the hustler.”  She is also known as the Avon lady in certain circles.  Kids all over know her for her homemade freeze cups.  She also sells hand-dipped candy apples from her home – no order is too small.

My dad tried to retire her when she was in her mid-30’s but he was unsuccessful because my Mom just turned 54. She works full-time job at the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida and her favorite cookie is the Samoa.

When she isn’t working, she keeps the grandkids busy with swimming, cheerleading, basketball, football, softball, praise dancing, choir and the list goes on.


As you can agine –she has a full house around the holidays. She wants to get an entertainment center with a flat screen big enough for the entire family but she’s too busy to even stop and think about shopping.