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Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s 13 year old daughter was photographed in bed with a 20-something year old man — according to  Instagram.

Willow Smith is seen lying on top of the covers fully-clothed while actor Moises Arias is seen sitting next to her…shirtless.


Arias is best known for his role as Rico on ‘Hannah Montana’.

This isn’t the first time Will and Jada’s parenting skills have come into question. Willow’s dramatic hair color and “fake” tongue piercing had people wondering what exactly was going on inside the Smith household.

So what gives? At what point is the leash too loose? Anybody wondering where Will and Jada are in this mess?

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

47 thoughts on “Willow Smith Photographed In Bed With A 20-Year-Old [PHOTO INSIDE]

  1. Blanca on said:

    Like a family friend never ever molests their friend’s kid. Nope, never see that in the news. Doesn’t happen. Ever. It’s perfectly normal for a 20 year old to hang out with a 13 year old. Half naked. On a bed. Nothing to worry about. Nope. After all, a kid doesn’t need boundaries. A kid don’t need rules. A child can hang out til midnight and have flings with older adults as long as they have a good reason. Who cares? After all, it’s their body. They can ruin their life if they want. Who gives a whoop? Kids can raise themselves. They don’t need parents telling them what they can and can’t do. How foolish of Will and Jada. How irresponsible. They are setting this poor kid up for disaster.

  2. Cairsten on said:

    For the love of Christ. What a whole lot of fuss about nothing. He’s not touching her; he’s tucked up in the corner as far from her as he can get. She’s lying on top of the covers with all her clothes on, and from the angle of their eyes and heads, they’re almost certainly watching television or a movie on a screen that’s across from the bed and a bit elevated. But yes, let’s call the child and her parents out of her name because she’s lounging on a piece of furniture in a comfortable position to watch some TV with a family friend; everybody knows that 13-ear-old girls are only allowed to sit up straight with an aspirin between their knees and ten feet between them and the nearest person, or else they’re just fast.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      You and your corrupt mindset, and people like you are the very reason why we have teen pregnancy through the roof for decades!!!!! HOW IN THE HELL could you not know that a 20 year old Male on a bed with a 13 year old Girl clothed or not is soooooooo inappropriate!!!! I pray to God that you do not or will not ever have children! As a Father myself, I would literally KILL any Man that age being inappropriate with any of my Daughters!!!! My God, no wonder we are going to HELL in a hand basket in this country, because of DUMB, UNEDUCATED people who have children and then refused to actually properly raise them! You have my prayers Cairsten, because your dumb ass really needs them!!!!!

      • Cairsten on said:

        Puh-lease. For the record, I have two sons and a daughter, and since my daughter is a great student who’s sung at Carnegie Hall with her high school choir, I’m guessing she’s just fine, thank you for your concern. I’d worry about a man “being inappropriate” too — I just don’t happen to think that sitting a couple of feet away from her on a bed, *not touching her*, while they watch some TV (again, their heads/eyes are both fixed on something across from the bed and *up* on that wall or maybe a desk) counts as being inappropriate. If you spend all your outrage (and exclamation marks!) on the guy who’s there watching a show, do you have anything left for the jerks who catcall on the way to the store, or the date who doesn’t want to hear “no”?

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Whomever you are, Puh-leese Have a seat and shut your mouth, because you are not making ANY sense a tall!!! And I will pray for your children, because having a parent such as you with this God Forsaken mentality, they need al of the help that they can get And I don’t give a DAMN where your daughter has sung before!!! If she has stupid parents, what difference does it make??????

      • Cairsten on said:

        My kids aren’t the ones with parents who can’t correctly punctuate a sentence or look at a photograph without inventing evil where there is none. You’re practically frothing at the mouth over a kid doing *nothing*. If they were sitting on a two-seater couch, they’d be closer than they are in that picture. If she’s ever been to a public swimming pool or a public beach, she’s been that close to guys his age or older who were wearing less than he is, while wearing less clothing herself. If she were snuggled up to him, I’d cry foul. But if she gets much closer to the edge of that bed, she’ll fall off. If he were paying her any attention, I might give it the hairy eyeball. But she’s got her back to him and he is clearly not even *looking* at her; he’s watching something else and so is she. Save your prayers; you clearly need them for your own sick mind and depraved heart.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Please save your children, by giving them way.The more you try to defend this abhorrent behavior, the more I can clearly tell you are an unfit parent such as the Smith’s!

      • Cairsten on said:

        Really, now. If you’re not a troll, you’re off your meds and you really need to take them. No reasonable definition of “abhorrent” includes “a family friend and I sat/lay on a bed to watch TV and we didn’t touch each other.”

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Good luck with your life Cairsten! I just can’t waste anymore time with the likes of you!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      It’s the story of a young 13 year old girl in bed with a 20 year old Man!!!! That’s all the story you need! That’s why there is a knee jerk reaction, and if you can’t understand that, then I’m wasting my time trying to explain it to you!!!!

  3. If if it’s not for a movie set then what? This isn’t the first time I’ve questioned their patenting skills too much freedom!

  4. WillowFan on said:

    How about we wait and see, I have yet to be disappointed over Willow’s artistic growth and look forward to more.

  5. Aunt Flossie on said:

    Will and Jada have always displayed laisez-fare behavior. So their children are following in their
    steps. I feel sorry for the children; this world is much more wicked and treacherous when will and
    Jada were young. Years from now Will and Jada will do a special interview with O expressing
    their regrets about how they attempted to bring up their children with minmal supervison and
    using their own inexperienced judgement.

  6. g the real on said:

    I think everyone needs to step back, we dont know the whole story, it’s on the web for crying outloud. For alwe know there’s a totally legitament reason for two actors to be in a bed, what if its part of a seen ? it could be a set whete either one of her parents are working Take break on being so negative. IJS…

  7. Tina B. on said:

    The child is already cursed with her father’s ears! She doesn’t need anymore attention. I think most celebrity couples display some bad parenting skills at one time or other!

  8. C.A.A on said:

    Again I say unto you:
    We all will be judge according to our good deeds an bad! He we are loosing a generation of our kids to this exact kind of behavior or worse out. Too much money, fame, exposure are creating a new generation of “I CAN DO WHAT I WANT KIDS” Please get a grip or hold on this kind of behavior. Parenting is a serious job not a money or credit card job. Get what you want, buy what you want,act like you want. Get a grip it’s only going to get worst. (NO CONTROL).

  9. Joey on said:

    is the picture really her, or are the smith’s up to publicity again, and why? it looks like her, I believe this website makes up things, just to get us talking, but now remember she is signed with JAY-Z label so lets look at the bigger picture people, lets not get upset at each other. we are just regular Folk we really do not know what is going on behind those Closed doors.

  10. I don’t care, if it’s a movie, video, or what ever, a 13 year old child, don’t have no business being put in a position, where she’s lying in bed with a grown, clothes or no clothes, it’s trashy, and irresponsible.

  11. Bahati on said:

    This is a publicity stunt…right? Just to get people talking. I bet Willow is dropping a new cd soon….right? I can’t believe you are questioning their parental skills! In the article you mentioned Willow got a “fake” tongue piercing. If I was a parent, I rather it is fake than real…permanent. And you really think that Jada and Will are bad parents -they were raised in Baltimore and Phila…Mama would knock you out!

  12. Meka on said:

    Did it cross anyone’s judgemental mind that they may be making a movie? Damn! Crabs in a Barrell, first one to spew negativity without knowing the whole story.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      It doesn’t matter what they are shooting a video or a movie!!!! She is 13 years old, YOU MORON!!!!! She’s a baby!

      • no judgement zone on said:

        YOU are the moron with your judgemental a**! Get facts before spewing your rhetoric!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        You are a complete waste of human space! Some people refuse to actually learn anything about Life! Good Luck on your downward spiral!!

  13. Cyndi on said:

    Questiond: who says this is Willow? This picture is dark and the hair looks different than Willow’s. I’m just asking if this picture has been verified? Also, who is taking the picture, and why are they taking the picture? Furthermore, why are people inferring sex – because the young man is shirtless? Or because they are on a bed? Just some questions that this picture brings to my mind. Thanks all.

  14. Will, and Jada Smith, were not poor people, they were already established/successful actors, when they decided to push their kids in the spot light, and I always thought that was a big mistake. This couple need to go work, so they can provide for their kids, that’s what responsible parents do, these kids, and others like them, should not be financially supporting their parents. If that picture is legitimate, then I hope, that Willows parents to the right thing, and press charges against this man.

  15. The child us on top of the bed.. fully clothed doing absolutely nothing… yall are the most judgemental people in the world.. where the yell is your kids at.. and do you know what they are doing.. these people are rich.. still making money off yall judgemental broke assess .go get a life of your own..

    • IanRousseault on said:

      It’s Low Life Ghetto Slimes like you vcabbagestalk54 who think that there isn’t anything wrong with a 13 year old GIRL fully clothed on top of a bed with a MAN that’s 20 years old! Are you F______ kidding me, you stupid, vapid, soulless, trick!!!! She is a young girl you fool!!! I pray that God will NEVER, EVER bless you with children, because they will be young whores in the street before they turn 18!!!! Sit your obviously DUMB ASS down and don’t you dare utter another word, you silly excuse for a human being!!!!!!

  16. Where in the hell is her mother ? Oh, the last time I saw her, she was showing her naked ass to the world celebrating her body. You have the answers for everybody else except your own children. Get off FB and get your house in order Jada.

      • Deb on said:

        I see you Cristren. You are right, but girls tend to talk to their Mother’s when it comes to grown ass men. She is a child. That girl should be outside playing, not laying on a bed with a grown ass man.

  17. no judgement zone on said:

    Could it possibly be that she was filming a “video”, and none of us no the content……………..ijs!!!!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      I don’t give a DAMN if she’s shooting a video or not, this young girl is 13 years old!!!!! How could you say something like that, you and people who think like you, that this is no big deal, are the very reason why young children turn out to be young THUGS and young WHORES in the street, because you have no business at all raising children!!!!! If you have children, I hope and pray that some agency will get involved in their lives and take them away from your wayward home!!!! You are the very reason why young black and brown children are doomed to a life of uncertainty and destruction…… No Morals and No Scruples at all….. For the Love of God, get a CLUE!!!!!!

  18. IanRousseault on said:

    I’m not trying to judge the Smith’s, but whatever they are doing in raising their children just isn’t working!!!! These kids are horrible and an embarrassment to them!

  19. on said:

    Will and Jada? This child is behaving like she is over 20. too much money, the fame, it’s all going to her head, and they are letting it.

  20. Linda on said:

    She’s 13! Too young to even be talking to a boy much less a grown man. She’s doing everything she thinks she wants to do and growing up too fast will make her bored and looking for the next thing to get attention. Will and Jada better get a grip and parent before it’s too late.

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