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Man…tough break! Our friends over at Eben Gregory are reporting that Chris Brown will remain in custody for his 25th birthday. Breezy celebrates his born day on Monday, May 5th and his next hearing isn’t until May 9th! He isn’t guaranteed to get out on the 9th either but boy what a difference a year makes!

Last year this time Brown was celebrating his birthday in a few different cities if we remember correctly. But we don’t even know if he’ll be allowed to have family bring him a cake this year. Pretty big change man.

We have to think  he is getting the message at this point….at least we hope he is.

Hang in there Chris.

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Cake In Jail: Chris Brown Will Remain Locked Up for 25th Birthday was originally published on theurbandaily.com

2 thoughts on “Cake In Jail: Chris Brown Will Remain Locked Up for 25th Birthday

  1. My heart goes out to Chris. This is unfortunate. I think by now he may start “feeling it” and learn his lesson. I will be praying for him and hope he gets out soon to do more music, he is very talented and deserves another chance period!

  2. VirilisAfricanum on said:

    Let’s see, some people seem to be fascinated (obsessed) with this young person who beats on a woman, has little, if any, respect for authority or the rules of decency, and we are somehow supposed to care. This young guy is a disgrace, a symbol of the perpetuation of a negative stereotype of young black males. We, have a bad habit, under the guise of forgiveness and not wanting to be perceived as being judgmental, of tacitly condoning young men “like him”.
    We cannot, in one breath complain about the image of our young men, then, in another breath say that “all of us have fallen and come short…” This attitude does not spark or facilitate change (or even a desire to change). We have to wake up and stop supporting these folks with our money and time if we really want to help them. This young man is NO victim, like many of our young people, he’s sitting in court because of his actions, not the actions of society.

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