On Saturday Night Live this weekend host Andrew Garfield, a.k.a., the latest Spiderman, was part of a skit where he told his friends that he didn’t like one Beyonce song. As soon as he made this horrific error in musical judgement, he was paid a visit by The Beygency.

Watch the skit here and then make sure you keep your responses about Beyonce in check. Just in case.

Hey, even Beyonce thought it was funny. 

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Like Beyonce? The Beygency Will Handle That [VIDEO]

  1. her ‘Image’ is the epitome of ‘Self Hate’ in the Negroid Community. whether she’s aware of it or not, she’s a pawn in this society, a pied-piper that has an enchantment on most of our Negroid daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers even a few grandmothers. You don’t think for one second there wasn’t a co-incidence that Director/Actor Bill Duke’s documentary ‘Dark Girls’ had a serious impact on Women of ‘Melanin’ (Pigment)??? and Beyonce contributes to the ‘Programming’. right now, the only thing that’s benevolent about her and her husband is their ‘child’. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

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