When popular actor Samuel L. Jackson speaks, people definitely listen. Jackson’s liberal opinions have a group of porn actors boycotting mad because they feel he promotes porn piracy.

At a movie press conference, the actor was asked what he thought the greatest achievement in in pop culture. Without batting an eyelash or taking a second to think, Jackson blurted out that free porn sharing site RedTube was his choice. Now some actors and actresses in the adult film industry want an apology from Nick Fury. This extremely small group of porn actors say RedTube is simply a site who allows users to share stolen porn films. Referencing his Nick Fury role, the group said, “Superheroes don’t steal porn.”

One adult actress name Catalina Cruz is insisting on boycotting all of Jackson’s films. She reasons that Hollywood will prosecute people to the fullest extent of the law if someone pirates their films, but thinks it’s acceptable to pirate porn films. Another actress  Tanya Tate adds to Cruz’s point by adding that she’s directly affected by porn piracy because she produces and directs her own porn films for the web.

I would gladly send a catalog of adult movies I have directed to Mr. Jackson if he would be so kind as to recant the comment. I have a stack of porn for him to help him see the error of his ways,” says Tate.


Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t responded to this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a response.

Peep the video that sparked this whole beef below.

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