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A group of Rutgers University students have taken their stand against Condoleezza Rice being their commencement speaker to the next level.

Fifty or so of them have staged a sit-in at an administrative building on the New Brunswick, N.J., campus, reports. They are carrying signs with slogans like “No Honor for War Criminals” and “War Criminals Out,” objecting to the former Secretary of State’s involvement with the Iraq War, and they’re refusing to leave the building.

The students are stationed outside of Rutgers President Robert Barchi’s office.

According to the Associated Press, some faculty members have also expressed their opposition as the school prepares to give Rice an honorary doctorate on May 18.

She is being paid $35,000 for her speech.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)


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10 thoughts on “Rutgers Students Stage Sit-In to Protest Condoleezza Rice Speech

  1. tom lammers on said:

    Ms. Rice is a Patriot and a great American. Any school should be proud to have her speak to the students.

  2. I said it. on said:

    That’s her bag and she has to carry it. I am sure that the Republican students will support her…not. But for $35,000 I’d give them a great speech just the same. 🙂

  3. Timekeeeper on said:

    Condaleez Ricw was just as responsiblke as Rumsfled, Cheney and Bush for promoting the biggest lie in modern day politics. She will probably get to speak anyway, but at least the spotlight is bieng cast on her misdeeds. Good for thjose students.

    • tom lammers on said:

      Learn to read and write. She is a class act. Go to church, get a job and help the less fortunate just like Ms. Rice does. The government does nothing well.

  4. It’s about time for sure that some students who can read and write are able to respond.
    This is better than a vast % of other people who either don’t care or are to scared to say anything.
    The whole war scenario was all media hype,a tragic mistake and a failed schemed that backfired on the one’s that came up with all this new world order insane activity.

    • tom lammers on said:

      Most students are mindless sheep. The government and the universities spew liberal claptrap and hopefully the young ones will grow up and get a pair.

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