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04/29/14 –

Dear Tom,

Darren didn’t stand a chance according to society. He was born to a teenage mother–me.

But today, I’m proud to say that he is a 25-year old DC firefighter who recently made the local news for his heroic actions in rescuing a family.

Darren is not a biological father, but he is an outstanding role model to his younger brother who is 10 years old.  He is also a licensed barber and cuts his brother’s hair. My younger son is just crazy about Darren.

Darren recently purchased his first home.  He hired a company to do some major work, but they took advantage of him by taking his money and not completing the work.

Darren has been trying to complete as much as he can on his own. He and his little brother are bonding more than ever as he works by his side closely assisting him as much as his little hands can.

Tom, Darren has run out money and his brother and I would be more than grateful if the TJMS would give him a home depot gift card so he can complete his house updates and finally start enjoying his hard work.