<> at Lure on January 24, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

Twirl aka Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore spoke to TMZ‘s cameras about her traumatic experience with Porsha Williams and discussed what it was like to watch her own beat down on the show.

Take a look at what the victim had to say about her public dragging below.



Yup! That just happened. She still has no ability to see the role she played in the entire thing and until she does…it’s going to be a black mark on her own record.

It’s so much easier for people to feel sympathetic toward you when you admit to your own contributions to the issue at hand. If you want people to care you must admit your fault or else suffer the repercussions and in this case that means looking like the mean girl who got her behind handed to her for pushing people too far.





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7 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Says It Was “Disgusting” To Watch Her Own Fight On TV [VIDEO]

  1. kenya is a very unhappy woman, look at her life, her mother never wanted her, or even acknowledged her, I mean we have to be careful who we laugh at, and who we put down,,
    now when you have never had a mother’s love this ,, is what you get, this is the result,

  2. Ok, Kenya was truly wrong. She reminded of girls & then in college I went to school with, she is an abuser, verbal & as well emotionally. Point a scepter. & then bull horn wrong. But Andy Cohen was wrong for letting them items on the set, what if she (Kenya) brought a gun. Porsha was tired off the harassment, Kenya intentionally did this for attention. I don’t care what race you are wrong is wrong. Fire Kenya or fire both.

  3. Linda on said:

    Kenya has been taunting Porsha the entire season about her personal life. When it comes to her face, she wants to cry wolf. She needs to stop putting her castmates down and be a lady, not the fool she is. You do not speak of a persons character because her life is a mess, get a grip and own up to her mistakes.

  4. queentopaz on said:

    Kenya got the whooping she deserved. She is mean, spiteful, abusive and so much more. Her bad disposition overshadows her good looks. I hope RHOA keeps Porsha and lets Kenya twirl off into the sunset.

  5. Darrie on said:

    It seems like some of the ladies on Atlanta Housewives are jealous of Kenya. Kenya has her ways, but so do the rest of them. Nene is always very disrespectful of Kenya and so is Porsha. They always try to out talk Kenya when she is trying to make a point and they always blame her for everything. I think Porsha was wrong and I applaud Kenya for not throwing the first punch. Apparently Porsha has not heard that sticks and stones may break your bones, but talk does not hurt you. So, Miss Porsha has to go to court for acting like a fool. You go Kenya! There is more than one way to skin a cat. The way I see it is that Kenya out smarted Porsha. Kenya got up and walked away and Porsha had to be carried off the stage plus got in trouble with the law. Ha, Ha, Ha!!

    • bann2u on said:

      Evidently you don’t watch the show! Kenya provoked the entire situation. I’m happy that dragged her ass maybe now she’ll leave Porsha and Phaedra alone. Kenya is an educate fool who doesn’t know when to STOP. She only torments those ladies because she is the only one on the show without a LIFE…no man no children…she has nothing but a fake body and men are not into that much fakeness…

  6. Nadine Nunley on said:

    Kenya got what she deserved. She has pushed several of the cast members to far. Touching Nene to forced her to listen to her. The fan at the last reunion was over the top. Does she not realize how she comes off with no class what so ever?

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