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Comedian George Lopez says a Latino Easter is like one you’ve never experienced because Latinos love to be around people they don’t like, all the time.

At every holiday, according to Lopez, Latino families fight about who’s going to take home someone they don’t like.

Lopez says that Latino parents find it easy to discipline children who do too much on their cell phones and that Latinas can make a an angel of a dead ex, no matter how bad they were in real life. Lopez should know, because his ex gave him a kidney nine years ago.

“That’s how hard marriage is,” says Lopez. “Not only the threat of death could keep you together.”

Listen to more, including Lopez’ on why there has yet to be a Latino superhero.

Check out Lopez’ upcoming standup tour dates in New York, Washington, D.C. and Texas here. 


(Photo: AP)

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3 thoughts on “George Lopez: ‘Latinos Have a Way of Being Around People They Don’t Like All The Time’

  1. Mrs. Barnes on said:

    I love the TJMS, and I love George Lopez, he’s a good guy, a funny guy, but I was not impressed by the questions that Tom asked him about Mexicans. It reminded me of white people asking us dumb questions about the way African Americans, respond or behave in certain situations. I put myself in George Lopez’s place when I thought about the questions and I don’t think I would have been as humorous with my answers as he was.

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