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04/17/14  – Bishop T.D. Jakes stops by to talk about his new movie, Heaven is for Real. The mega-preacher has come under a little bit of fire for not portraying Jesus as a black man in his film.

“I don’t think it’s so much what Jesus looks like, but what Jesus did,” Jakes says.

Also, the crew gets him to chat about the most interesting Easter outfit he’s ever seen!


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12 thoughts on “‘I’ve Seen Easter Outfits That Make Me Wonder If They Owned A Mirror’ – Bishop T.D. Jakes

    • Exactly. He writes, produces, stars in movies. He’s an entertainer. Rolling his eyes back in his head, having a conniption while TP “lays hands on him” was really entertaining. But can you guess what would happen if one of his faithfully tithing members, (whom he has never head of,) asks him to perform a wedding for one of their children, or preside over the funeral of a loved one? I mean IF they could even get an appointment to see him. We both know the chances of that happening are slim to none. Some of the same parishioners who started out with wouldn’t even be able to get close enough to Jakes to shake his hand. Yet, he never gets too big not to grub – err refuse their tithes and offerings. Judging people by monetary worth instead of content of character is the way of the world. Thank God it’s not the way of my world.

      • Look at the video of him having a conniption, with three flunkies behind him in case he flops around on the floor like a fish, while Tyler Perry lays hands on him, and you may find your answer. Btw, I never said he was cheating people. Think people gladly pay for and are completely satisfied with what he sells.

      • I don’t have a problem with it. It doesn’t affect me. Just stating my opinion, just like everyone else.

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