So Real Housewife Porsha Williams done went and got herself arrested. On March 27, while taping the reunion show for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, she laid out Kenya Moore after the two had some words. Sigh. Why can’t they all get along?

In any case, Williams was charged with simple assault and released on $2000 bail which we’re sure the producers of “Real Housewives of Atlanta will be happy to reimburse, giving all the ratings every drama brings to the show. Not sure if they’re planning to cover Apollo Nida’s legal fees, though.

The spat shocked even the previously un-shockable Andy Cohen, the Bravo executive who also hosts the popular recap/gossip show Watch What Happens Live. 

“The other women felt that Kenya provoked her a little bit and was provoking her. I was just so shocked and so surprised and I was just really upset.”

“I just don’t want that to happen again. I think it’s gross,” he said. “It’s totally inappropriate; it’s wrong. It’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”

While we’re shocked that he’s shocked, the rumors continue that other cast members have threatened to quit if Porsha is fired. We think that since Season 6 is already a given, why mess with success? Porsha is likely to return.

Here’s what Nene had to say about the confrontation:

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44 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Is Arrested for ‘RHOA’ Fight – But Her Mugshot Is….[PHOTO]

  1. Renae on said:

    No one know how they would react until placed in a situation. Kenya have responsibility for bad behavior, I consider her behavior bullying and disrespectful. As bad as Kenya want a husband, she would have never tolerated the behavior she has displayed towards Porsha and Phadera. RESPECT is the behavior Kenya need learn.

  2. mercy on said:

    Too bad many bring their biases to a program as obvious as this one. Clearly the show is for entertainment purposes and is not attempting to hold some sort of moral ground in terms of standards and ethics (although they certainly don’t hold the low ground either). To not be able to simply watch a show, any show, without interjecting the race card means they aren’t the problem. This show isn’t responsible to deny or accept the biases of its audience. If you don’t like this sort of stuff, find other programming. If you can’t simply sit down and laugh at most of the things shows like this air, well you have problems with yourself that media can never resolve. If you can’t watch a show like this without reacting like a slave to your non black friends, partners and coworkers, well you have slave issues which you need to speak to a professional about. This show isn’t responsible for your slave issues.

    This show is fun to watch, fun to critique and fun to fave. That’s all. It’s not rocket science. It’s not solving a great math problem. Expecting a show to give you self esteem and self respect is absolutely ridiculous and extremely childish.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Sorry Mercy, But I disagree with you wholeheartedly! I was raised by parents who instilled in me to have nothing but pride in my self and all people of color. So no this is not ‘just entertainment’ How stupid is it to make a comment like that. What in the Hell is entertaining about seeing Grown Ass black women acting like they have lost their minds????? my Mother is and has always been a very Classy Women, and would never act like these Guttbucket Tramps1 Women do not act like this, and don’t give this BULL____ about, what about the other non black housewives, I don’t give a S___ about them, I’m talking about women of color who unfortunately represent people of color. And NO I don’t like seeing women of color behaving like really uneducated, non-classy, ebonic speaking people. I don’t know any black people like that, I never have, and I would never claim or accept any that acted in this manner. A REAL WOMAN has respect for herself and others around her. And would NEVER accept this S___ as ‘just entertainment’

      • mercy on said:

        Disagreements are fine. What you are doing is calling names and displaying the same behavior you claim you are against. Also, pointing to parenting for the reason you do what you do is not a good look for an adult. Stand on your own two feet and own your stance on matters. Some of us watch these type shows because that’s simply what we like to do in our down time. I doubt any of us were raised to watch them. It’s a choice just like choices in restaurants and style of dress. Pity is all I can offer those who can’t sit down and laugh at entertainment clearly meant to be goofy or at least have the good sense to move it along to something more of their liking. If you have a problem with violence or disagreements showing on tv, that’s one thing. Making this a sole race issue under the guise that you care for black women if comical within itself. Clearly this isn’t a race issue when across the board one can easily find this sort of behavior irregardless of hue of skin. Stop projecting your slave issues on others. We are free now. Be glad about it.

  3. Tammy on said:

    Again, STOP TRYING TO LIMIT THIS BEHAVIOR TO BLACKS. This is today’s tv. The trashy the better is how these producer look at it because the PUBLIC buys it. Who is the biggest stars of tv? The KARDASIANS. WHo is the biggest pop star right now? MILEY CYRUS. So you see, THIS IS HOW THE INDUSTRY works nowadays. Yes, back in the day, we had a few shockers; but today, it is the NORM. People talk that they do not like these folks and shows YET these shows have the highest rating which means people support it. If you hate these shows so much, STOP WATCHING them; but do not sit and vent online and when you get up from your computer, you turn to these shows. $$$$ talk and everything walk to these people. And if anyone is judging me as a black person based on Atlanta housewives, that only shows me they were ALREADY judging and discriminating against me and Atlanta housewives is only a “excuse” to bring out what they ALREADY was feeling.

    • Guest1 on said:

      Tammy, I am in total agreement with you. I’m also a professional black woman, and in no way do my coworkers believe that as a black woman, I behave in any way like the women on this show because they see that I don’t carry myself like that. These women do not represent me just because we’re the same gender or have the same skin color. They chose to behave like this. I don’t care what color they are. The dollar is almighty powerful! This is what the producers expected and received when they put 5-8 different women together, all with different personalities and egos, none being friends from the start, and with a hint of backstabbing, and not expect fireworks. Even the Shahs of Iran have drama and fights! Get off that pedastal people and come back down to earth. Drama sells.

  4. C.A.A. on said:

    Carmen last comment is so on “TARGET” it should be shown in “BIG BOLD BRIGHT LIGHTS”!!! Problem next is could they read and understand the message. The Lord is slowly showing us he is coming back. We sold our “SOULS” for money and TV cameras what a disaster. Satan has dug triple pits because he now the amount of souls coming his way. People wake the “F” up.

  5. CARMEN on said:

    I’m so tired of seeing our black women acting like wild female hyenas. These women of Atlanta have no self respect, no control of their inner self, no manners, and are not part of the beautiful black smart women culture. I don’t really no what plant they are from. There is NO WAY I would let someone take me out of my spirit of being a good sample for our younger black girls. We, as black women, need to nurture and set great samples for our young girls. We have enough to deal with in life, so we don’t need these kind of GIRLS. We, beautiful black women of America have disowned the wome of Atlanta and Basketball wives,

  6. Go Don on said:

    Well first of all this happening in the rich community and I thought it only happens in less fortunate communities where people are struggling to stay alive and feed their families. This is really sad. We have to fix this. In front of the whole world this is my daughters are not allowed to watch this crap. If its not the rappers killing each other its the house wives from Atlanta to Cali. Can somebody pick a fight with the HUD office, high gas prices, school teachers pay and last but not least Health Care Republicans! Come on people get it together. One thing for sure is that you can’t blame the man for this one.

    • Debra on said:

      I’m responding to the comment about fighting for something worth while! I agree with you ! Why can’t these women fight for something worth while? Why can’t they work together for the good of the community and young people?

  7. C.A.A on said:

    We are “shamed” in every shape, fashion, and form! Our sister on these shows with the “weaves” high heel clunky shoes and this so-call professional image with the make-up is an embarrassment to the real sister. All it takes is a camera, $$$, and a chance to be on be on TV and there it is. America laugh at us all the time, please stop giving them additional ammo to shame us. RICHARD PRYOR said it on SUNSET STRIP: They got the cameras and all,.

  8. Camella Jenkins on said:

    All of them signed a contract to be on those shows and are getting paid to do so. If they want to be stupid and act a fool for the world to see then that’s on them. For the love of money is the root of all evil, some people don’t mind selling their soul and their family to reality tv.

  9. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Unfortunately stupid Reality TV shows is not going away any time soon unless people stop watching it/a major plunge in ratings. There are other types of race and ethnic reality tv shows that are equally rediculous. I’s all about network ratings $$$$. Don’t believe everything you read and don’t believe everything on TV. Surprising how so many people are ignorant to the truth/facts.

  10. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Good for you to be a black professional, so am I as a matter of fact I’m a black professional for several decades. I never give my colleagues the notion that they could express their bigotry remarks and opinions to me. So why would your colleagues feel comfortable enough to approach and make negative comments like that? And some of the language you’re using is rather strong. A little advice dumb stupid TV shows does not justify an entire race of people.

    IanRousseault on April 17, 2014 at 12:28 pm said:
    Sorry Camella, Ghetto behavior is totally different from the other TV reality shows!!!!! I’ve worked very HARD to be a respectable Man of Color, so when I see other people of color behaving like jungle bunnies it really bothers me. I do not want anyone especially my inner circle to EVER think that I would have anything in common with uneducated, unintelligent, poor people like what I see on these shows!!!!! Just because I’m black DOES NOT mean I agree with everything other black people do and say!!!!!

    • Tammy on said:

      Well Camella, if anyone in your inner circle think of you like those women, they are showing their own bigory. ALL races are on tv now with “housewife” in it, so this is NOT limited to blacks and anyone who tries to make it out to be limited to blacks is only showing thier bias and prejudice.

  11. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Joe Valdez you are a narrow minded idiot! you said ” notice how many Blacks are willing to sell their soul to the public?”

  12. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Amazing how some of you are in support of Porshia assaulting Kenya. That is so classless and shows you have a thuggish mentality, obviously you support violence whether you’re provoked or not. WOW!

    • Diane on said:

      Shame on Kenya out of all of the women she should be more dignified being that she is a forma beauty queen. She has shown her jealously of each of the women. I like the show but not the hateful drama that Kenya brings, I think Kenya should leave the show. Kenya’s nickname should be MISERY an we all know that misery loves company.

  13. Camella Jenkins on said:

    IanRousseault: If you are embarrassed at your firm and have to justify to your colleagues about reality TV bad behavior, why not put them on the spot by having them justify bad behavior on the other reality TV shows i.e. RHOA of Beverly Hills, New York, Miami etc.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Sorry Camella, Ghetto behavior is totally different from the other TV reality shows!!!!! I’ve worked very HARD to be a respectable Man of Color, so when I see other people of color behaving like jungle bunnies it really bothers me. I do not want anyone especially my inner circle to EVER think that I would have anything in common with uneducated, unintelligent, poor people like what I see on these shows!!!!! Just because I’m black DOES NOT mean I agree with everything other black people do and say!!!!!

      • Darry on said:

        Ian… whatever you name is you are one ignorant individual. My prayer is that you really are not black and I know for sure that you are not a man. Grow up and get a back bone.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        First Darry, Learn correct English, and then maybe you can have a real conversation. And what do you mean if I’m black?????? Do you know how DUMB you sound? All blacks do not speak the same EBONICS language, so get a grip. I suggest you come out of your Ghetto Hoodlumness and experience real Life!!!!!!!

  14. IanRousseault on said:

    I know as a Black Man, I am sooooo embarrassed by these barracuda’s masquerading as women. Just the other day at my firm I had a conversation with a colleague about this. And I can’t tell you how much my Caucasian and Jewish friends get a big kick out of this type of Buffoonery from modern day black people. And it’s just DAMN disgusting to have to explain to them that NOT all people of color behave as field negroes!!!!! These reality tv people should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!

    • Tammy on said:

      Then your white and Jewish friends are just being bigots. Tell them to go look at Housewives of Beverly Hill, Orange County, Preachers daughters, Honey Boo boo, and many more.

    • Guest1 on said:

      Please don’t put African Americans in a separate box when it comes to this sort of behavior. People kill me, always wanting to distance themselves or exclude their race from bad behavior. The first step in healing is admitting we all have a problem. We all know and SEE, reality tv brings out the worst in all people. Like Tammy said…”it’s not a “black” thing.” It’s a human nature thing, especially when the cameras are rolling.

  15. Camella Jenkins on said:

    The question is did Porshia attend school did she drop out in the 6th grade? I don’t know why you all are putting all the blame on Kenya. Porshia is a immature adult brat with a bad temper and no self control. I beg to differ, Porshia is the wanna be she’s a nobody, at least Kenya was Miss USA. Porshia/dumbo expect people to know who she is because of her grandfather who a part of the 1960’s Civil Rights movement in Atlanta. I had never heard of him either, until she came on the show, a lot of people participated during the Civil Rights Era and were never mentioned.

  16. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Kenya may have provoked Porshia but clearly Porshia has no self control. Every time someone piss her off she will become violent and physically attack them? She’s street, hood, bad temper, no self control all of the negative above. And to add insult to injury Porshia’s mother act like she’s this innocent beautiful angelic little Christian princess-absurd, she created a spoiled brat monster! Bring back the original cast except for moose false teeth NeNe. Andy Cohen is a faker liar, he condone’s mess, he makes money off those dramatic sorry Reality TV shows.

  17. NoRagsNow on said:

    I also think these shows are a poor representation of the “upper class” or people who have money. It’s entertaining but people take this behavior as a way to model their life in dress, mannerisms and speech.
    As to Porsha & Kenya- Kenya is such a wannabe. She has tried too hard to fit into this group of women. “Kenya, this just ain’t your clique!”
    P.S. Porsha is the prettiest cast member on the show and I have to admit, her mugshot is hot!

  18. Linda on said:

    Next time Kenya will keep her big trap shut! But really, what grown women argue and fight repeatedly like these reality women do?? And they’re all supposed to be their cities “high class”, It’s all totally for ratings.

  19. Chanel Baker on said:

    Kenya is the very definition of an adult bully.I understand she keeps drama going on the show but I really hate seeing her cause drama in these hard working women’s lives and marriages.

  20. Joe Valdez on said:

    You can’t fix ghetto queens, dress them up, put makeup on them they are still ghetto. The Braxton’s, House wives of Atlanta, New Jersey Mafia wives etc , Basketball Wives . All geared to entertain illiterate stupid people. All this include “The Maury Show” etc….. notice how many Blacks are willing to sell their soul to the public? Stupidity and desperate people go hand in hand

    • Tammy on said:

      Wrong, PEOPLE are willing to sell thier soul to the public. STOP making this a “black” issue. it is a PEOPLE issue. ALL groups are on tv behaving like this for the sake of reality tv.

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