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The IRS just moves messing with popular 90s rapper MC Hammer. Years after paying off his multimillion dollar debt, the government recently told the rapper turned minister that he owed more than a million dollars in penalties stemming from his initial debt that was paid off seven years ago.

As we all know, Hammer went flat broke in 1996 after amassing a fortune worth tens of millions. When he declared bankruptcy, he lost just about everything including his three Grammy Awards and master recordings. While the late 90s were a rough time for Hammer, he finally freed himself from the shackles of debt in 2007 by forking over $7 million. The $7 million included $1.4 million in penalties to the IRS.

Now seven years after Hammer paid off his debt, the IRS is telling him he owes another $1.4 million in late fees and penalties in the stemming from the 1996 bankruptcy case and Hammer ain’t having it. He is asking a judge to block the IRS from taking anymore money from him based on general principle.




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MC Hammer Taking Uncle Sam To Court  was originally published on theurbandaily.com