Leave it to one Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith to show what class looks like even while lying naked on the couch in subtle light.

Of course it helps tremendously that her toned bod is not bad on the eyes either.

Here, you offer no long insightful soliloquy, as you have been known to do in the very engaging posts we have come to expect on topics about love, life, relationships, self reflection and the like.

Just a simple message that reads,

The human body is beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine. We gotta take care of it. Love on your body today. It’s thee only body you got;) Happy Saturday:)


Check out the photo below:


Many may wonder who is behind the lens of this very revealing shoot. But others may rightfully guess it was just you and the camera, placed poised and ready.

Either way, what do you think of he photo? Is this appropriate for a wife and mother?

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(Photo Source: Jada’s Facebook)

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19 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett-Smith Shows Her Naked Body On Facebook [PHOTO INSIDE]

  1. Jacquelynn4 on said:

    “Leave it to one Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith to show what class looks like even while lying naked on the couch in subtle light.”

    Nothing classy about this. In poor taste for a wife and mother especially.

  2. In America the naked body is often perceived as something to do with sex and something that should be kept private. I find the ones that are more likely to have an issue with pictures of the naked body are those with strong religious views and those whose body is not in the best of shape. With that being said, people who keep their body in great shape are more likely to show their bodies or don’t have an issue with others showing their naked bodies. I’m a photographer who have taken many nude photographs simply because I find the human body as something beautiful and intriguing. Many African and native cultures through out the globe seem to have no issues with the naked body. But we who live in a sexual influential society who may have physical insecurities find a problem with this. Those who have an issue with this should check to see what’s guiding their views.

    • How about plain, old fashioned boredom? Everywhere you turn, there’s a naked body part staring you in the face. It’s tiresome and shows a lack of creativity. It’s not that people can’t appreciate the beauty of the human form. But throw enough naked butt cheeks, titties and labia “accidently” hanging out of thongs coming at you from every direction, and you get naked body part overload. It starts getting on your nerves like those velvet Elvis pictures or the pictures of the poker playing dogs. No longer unique and dirt cheap.

  3. C.A.A on said:

    Ok she’s loosing it! Any one in there right mind should now this is without a doubt “UNACCEPTABLE/OVER THE EDGE!!!. You are a Wife and a parent get a grip.

  4. Turkey1 on said:

    You should not be posing for anyone, unless you are getting undressed for your husband. Its enough lust in the world, without enticing other men to sin. With men even when they see you dressed that image will likely come back in their head, plus your own son friends will not be able to concentrate, thinking about the image of your nake body. Your home life keep it private, and don’t expose yourself to the world.

    • Where was all the rage at Demi Moore’s prego shot? It was herald at the time as a artistic work of a genius photographer and the brave inhibitions of a bold and daring woman! I find it ludicrous that a mere picture of her showing her silhouette is enough to cause men to ‘sin’ as you so immaturely put it. It’s the whole Adam and Eve temptation myth all over again! It’s never the man’s fault but instead the ever alluring temptress of the woman. We are adults and are responsible for our own actions, so if there is to be any ‘sinning’ done by any man it’s his fault and his alone!!! If he’s that weak, shallow and devoid of all self-control trust and believe the problem doesn’t lie with Mrs. Pinkett but in fact with the over sexed individual. I do agree with the fact of her sons friends possibly viewing the photo but seeing how grounded and well-rounded her children are I’m pretty sure if there are any barbs directed their way regarding their mother’s choice of artistic expression, they will most assuredly handle it in a mature fashion. And probably wont’ be citing any ‘goodbye cruel world’ facebook suicide notes lol! So outside of the silhouette of her extremely toned buttocks and the other greatly toned body parts we see on humans every day, there is really no cause to title this pose as a nudity shot. So by all means folks get a grip and a life and stop ‘hating’ on those who have , for all outward appearances, a great one!

      • Just for the record, I found nothing artistic, beautiful or alluring about Demi’s big bloated naked belly. And all the nakedness coming at us from every angle these days is quite frankly, getting a little tiresome.

  5. Agree with Deb. For that matter if she doesn’t have the energy to raise her own children right how in theheck do you think she is fit or able to do it for someone else. And I fault Mr. Pickett as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. People have become so narcissistic. I don’t get it when celebrities and regular folks find it necessary to constantly post pictures of themselves as if they need some sort of constant validation from others.

  7. I am so tired at looking at my Sista’s naked asses. Get up and put that energy into helping our young people. They need us. What is the point of having money and fame if you are not doing shit to help your own. Our future is in trouble. Come on back down to Earth Jada, and get your mind right woman.

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