After allegedly impregnating a 45-year-old mother of three and her 14-year-old daughter, Pastor Sam of Pentecostal church is on the run. The Pentecostal Church – which is located along Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria has been on lock-down since the news broke.

OsunDefender gathered that Pastor Sam hails from the eastern part of the Delta state and that the woman and the daughter have been under evil spells after her husband died of a mysterious stomach problem. Elders of the community where they live, had consulted seers who accused the woman and her teenage daughter of having a hand in the death.

The mother and daughter was introduced to the pastor for spiritual cleansing around December 2013 and the pastor in turn had solemnly promised to attack the attackers of the destiny and reverse the course.

The woman and her daughter had been consulting the pastor faithfully until last week when they both took ill and were taken to a private hospital in Asaba by their neighbors. There, after doctors conducted tests that confirmed they were both pregnant, they claimed the pastor was responsible.

Osundefender newsmen who covered the scene learned that as soon as the news of the pregnancy broke, the pastor took off to an unknown destination leaving the church under lock and key.

Confirming the incident, Elizabeth Agu, an elder sister of the pregnant woman, said, “we tried to reach the pastor who they claimed is responsible, through his GSM line but it was switched off and his whereabouts are unknown while the church is also under lock and key,”.

What do you think should happen to the Pastor? What kind of sentencing is appropriate?

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(Photo Source: AP)

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8 thoughts on “Pastor ‘On the Run’ After Getting Mother and Teenage Daughter Pregnant

  1. Ginny on said:

    The mother and daugther need to be held accountable for there bad choices. Bad decisions hard times. Did the man put a gun to there heads? Mother of three were the”daddies”

  2. Okay, a 45-year old, mother of three and you did not know you were pregnant????? People, please read the WORD OF GOD for yourselves so that you will NOT fall victim to a man and HIS word. There is NO way in hell that I would allow my 14 year old to be taken advantage of by some man, NOT on my watch!!! Women get in the know for yourselves and your children, knowledge is POWER!!! Now with all that said, His behind needs to be grass and run over by a momma lawnmower.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    Seems like them gals are culpable too! Mom must have been in on it. Oh… my bad this is a King and some strong black Queens– my bad.

  4. If the mother consented nothing, but he has to be held accountable for the teenage daughter, disgusting the entire story, we have go to gain more control of o0ur bodies.what kind of man does something like this, an sex often think with the wrong head and women are often around for the wrong reasons.

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