Remember that song “Perfectly Worthless” that Porsha Williams sang on Sunday’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode? Well the man who wrote that song is now accusing her of stealing it – a claim the reality star is ridiculous.

Pierre Medor — who’s worked with Usher, Diddy and Nelly — says he only gave the song to Porsha to test her voice, not knowing it would end up on the air. In fact, he claims he made a deal for someone else to record it.

But Porsha tells TMZ that Medor signed a waiver with Bravo for his appearance on “RHOA,” and even sent a text message saying he liked hearing his song on the show.

The text to Porsha’s rep said, “It’s cool. It was a good look! Now we need to get a record done.”

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3 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Brushes Off Songwriter’s Claim She Stole ‘Perfectly Worthless’

      • Oh. She’s channeling her “inner” Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj of course, to make a statement of some sort. What statement exactly? Anyone’s guess. But bizarre symbolism, such as wearing a veil creates dialogue from the public, and she’s hungry for her 15 minutes. My guess is her publicized divorce, perhaps this is a shot at her ex-husband. She’s chooses “fame” over matrimony???

        Whelp again.

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